Another Day in Paradise

‘More than 4,500 people were recorded as sleeping rough on any given night in autumn last year – a figure that has more than doubled since 2010.’ (1) Latest figures published and/or announced by the National Audit Office in September 2018 show that the number of people sleeping rough across the UK had soared by 134 per cent since Theresa May […]

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Blind Beggar

~ Blind Beggar ~ By ~ The Prophet ~ ~ I met a blind beggar with an empty piss-pot, ‘Got any spare change mister ‘cos I ain’t got a lot.” “Just these filthy ragged clothes and my shameful memories,” “Days long past when I couldn’t grasp the meaning of immorality.” “Or that I was the primary cause of the homeless tragedy.” ~ “I recognise […]

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Merry Sith-mas

‘Recent research by UK Homeless Charity Shelter […] revealed that child homelessness has reached a ’10-year high, with nearly 130,000 children in Britain set to wake up homeless and in temporary accommodation this Christmas.’ (1) The Independent Newspaper featured a story regarding comments made in the House by Theresa May underplaying the plight of homeless people […]

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Death Star

~ Death Star ~ By ~ Master Jedi ~ ~ ‘It is a period of Social Revolution.’ ‘Rebel Poets striking from a hidden blog-site,’ ‘Have won their first victory against the Evil Galactic Empire.’ ‘During the virtual battle that ensued,’ ‘Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon,’ ‘The Number 10 Death Star, an armoured Base Station with enough […]

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Streets of London

Gallybloggers are delighted to present “Streets of London” – a song written by Ralph McTell. It was first recorded for his 1969 album Spiral Staircase but was not released in the United Kingdom as a single until 1974. Streets of London has been re-released on 4th December 2017 featuring Ralph Mctell and Annie Lennox as a Charity single for […]

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Gallybloggers could not miss out on a golden opportunity to post in response to the Evening Standard’s headline ‘Help Feed London’s Hungry Children.’ Gallybloggers wholeheartedly support such a wonderfully worthwhile campaign, and  yet putting politics aside – it is going to be a hard winter this year –   we cannot ignore the fact that George Osbourne, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer is the […]

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  ~ Happy Harry (Part 2) ~ By ~ Yet Another Homeless Beggar ~ ~ Self-appointed royals are compassionless, Heartless relentless in being selfish, Detatched from reality in heart and mind With no concern for being kind other than to their own, Palaces privileges tax-payer funded homes Food on the table, horses in the stable Whilst the UK […]

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