~ Small Drama ~ By ~ Kuebiko ~ ~*~ Linger longer. Stare if you dare. Be fair if you care at all About small drama. ~ In the cheaper seats At the back of the crowd A small gathering face me. I am a curiosity to them. They hate me. Loathe me. Love me. Their eyes pity me […]

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~ Drifter ~ By ~ Reaper ~*~ Climbing veins lacing sky-scraping arches Fanning flaring delicate architectural branches Flourishing fashionable rose stained glasses Scattered shattered amidst ruined circumstances. ~ Once exciting still enticing still drawing my eye Upward through shadow to her cobalt sky Reaching far beyond her deepening sigh To a wandering Star heralding on nigh’ ~ Patiently waiting silently praying […]

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~ Seven to Sever – By – Druid ~ ~ For my next mystical play. I’ll deal with the Joker. The Locust playing poker. In the Book of Joel. I’ll cut him deeply. Split him, deck him, Shuffle him out. Stack him, pack him. Meld him back in the box. Bloodied as the Fool. It’ll be my pleasure. […]

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“I bore this accident with an outward fortitude that was far from the true state of my feelings. Thinking of my present helplessness caused me many a bitter moment, but I managed to impress all comers with a false indifference … I was soon home again, having been away less than four months; but all the […]

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~ 9 Hours ~ By ~ Merope ~ ~ Did you love me? When you found me? Led me? Cut me? Bled me? 9 hours. Drugged behind your door. Begging. ~ Did you love me? When you bruised me? Beat me? Bashed me? Crushed me? 9 hours. Cradled by pain. Begging ~ Did you love me? […]

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~ Dark Raven ~ By ~ Scruffy Dude ~ ~ Carrion darkened the dawn on Bryn’s White Mount. Lingering longingly amongst us. Thoughtfully accounting silently counting. Else discounting unsavoury cuts. ~ “Cras! Cras! Cras!” cackled Mugin’s merry Crow. “Today a proud fallen hero!” “Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!” “Fallen fellow ploughed fallow!” ~ I lay betwixt this realm and next. A wash of grey shedding shadow. Silently waiting beside where I’d died. With nowhere else to go. ~ I remember nothing […]

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~ Crime ~ By ~ Mawkin ~ ~ The Chain Mailer. That was me long ago. A felon to the Law. A Falcon to the few. Falling prey to my way. With feathers. ~ The Letter Opener. That was me once. Ferocious in a feather fight. Futile at doing right. Serving time with pleasure. Leisure locked cells. With feathers. ~ The […]

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