Shadow Close By


~ Shadow Close By ~ By ~ Scruffy Dude ~


Towers uninspiring.

Spiralling disgracefully.

Reaching writhing retching.



Glass steeled floors.

Glazed panes rising.

Another Sword edging.

Glinting at the Poor.


Their shadow sq1uints my eyes.

Steals light from me.

Already in shadow freezing.

In shadow’s misery


Freezing displeasing dying.

But still flying my rags.

Spraying my tags.

In Hope.

In Hope for you.

Only you.

For your hue to wither.

Or fade away.

To die in shadows.

Beneath your glinting sword.

Or better still.

Beneath a Scarecrow’s slicing  words.

With other weeping weeds.


Shadow steals my steeling heart.

But never my steeled intent.

Steeling to stand despite the blows.

Else steeling for my tent.


Steel forges my scare.

Fuses my steel frame.

Turning my frown.

Upside down.


Always smiling.

At you.

Said The Crow.

Of Scare.

Homeless Fields.

And Riverbanks.


Photography By Dewin Nefol:



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