1943 Mercury Silver Dollar

~ Life Poker ~ By ~ Bwbach ~


Life Poker is a game.

A Game of Trumps.

For Bankers, Financiers, Insurers.

Played by life’s losers who prosper.

Paid by life’s winners who don’t.

The people we gamble.

But not with lives.

Why would you?

Why steal evermore in a money-game already being paid for in blood?

And dollars?


Nevermore! Said the Raven.


(2nd Hand…)

Do Jokers count?

And Kings trump Trumps?

And Aces fly higher than Kings?

What of Eagles?

Golden Eagles?

Bald Eagles?

American Eagles?

Do they trump?

Or get free insurance?

Free healthcare?

Free everything?

As novelties?



Is that fair?


(3rd Hand…)

One card draw?

One question.

Does the God in which we trust Trump all?



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