Rock Garden

~ Rock Garden ~ By ~ Bodach Rocais ~


Hopelessly  houseless I’m hovelling.

Biding by river’s siding.

Homelessly striving surviving.

Gardening by river’s winding.


Heartlessly hapless  I’m hunkering.

Bunkering by river’s veering.

Habitually hankering housing.

Hungering by river’s stirring.


Helplessly resisting I’m refuging.

Residing by river’s verging.

Limitlessly luckless low living.

Abiding by river’s swerving.


Heartedly recycling I’m shovelling.

Soiling by river’s slewing.

Heavenly seeding bleeding.

Sowing by river’s flowing.


Determinedly rooting I’m staying.

Praying for safe dreaming.

Humbly growing blossoming.

Flowering by river’s gleaming.


Artwork/Photography, and Composition By Dewin Nefol –



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