~ Torn ~ By ~ VG1 ~


Why leave so little and be so cruel.

I have nothing more than you.

Yet one word rent from so many.

Stolen whilst I slept.

From unfinished lines left floating.

Disintegrating anticipating.

Dissolution dispersal.

Demise death and decay.

What little was left of me.

Was torn away.

One night.

As I slept.


Photography/Artwork By Dewin Nefol:



8 thoughts on “TORN

  1. Hey Sue,

    Sincerely, thank you for your understanding and appreciation.

    VG1 wrote this poem after picking up the torn pieces of his poetry notebook left floating in a dirty puddle overnight. As they had slept folk had rifled their meagre belongings eager for spoils to purloin and sell. Finding no silver to trade they stole a poor person’s gold and then spoilt that instead. It is not uncommon to wake without what had the night before, stealing what little is left from someone owning only the clothes they wear is heart-wrenching. Jealousy appears to take-on many forms and disguises….VG1 can read and write and owns a notebook whereas others cannot and do not respectively.

    The poetry and memoires lost are irreplaceable as too the notes, thoughts and scribbling that formed entries of their own. It is a real shame. Thankfully, the notebook has now been replaced with another offering ever more space to delineate new journeys ahead. Curiously their notebook comes with a Raven’s feather pressed between the pages? It must be the particular brand they are buying.

    Thank you for visiting Sue. Your kind and considerate comment will be read many times by a smiling scarecrow.

    Hoping all is swell. Enjoy a wonderful late afternoon and evening….bright enough to sit outside with a cuppa or two until early evening perhaps.

    Namaste 🙂

    DN and Raven’s 12

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    1. I had thought as much, as I perceived, saw within my psychic minds eye.. and felt his pain… Pain I too would feel if my poetry of gold were stolen and lost for ever. Such a sad mindless world of those with closed hearts…
      And I wish VG1 many more inspired pieces, that he may share.. that maybe perhaps be transcribed here for many more hearts that are open to read..
      And I smiled at the feather.. 🙂

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      1. Hey Sue,

        Our apologies for a tardy reply…

        You have a natural affinity for people Sue, an ability to empathise and share your heart with one and all and always leave smiles and warmth in wandering by. A heart so generous is a special gift, thank you for sharing it here with your kindness, it’s a wonderful feeling having your reply to pass onto to VG1…better still having your best wishes. They will be perfect for inspiring.

        It is a tragedy for VG1 to have been parted from something so personal, something so precious in an intrinsic way. It is an item that cannot ever be replaced but only sown as pieces into the fabric of their life as memories and partial lines.

        With certainty VG1 will be penning prose again shortly and filling up the new notebook. Regards the feather…we each get one to own…not always a Raven’s feather, but Crows feathers are the poor person’s equivalent, that is if the crows don’t mind us saying so of course, and why should they, they’re scared of us! 🙂

        We shall sign off thanking you once again and wishing you a very Happy Easter…chocolate themed of course.

        Take care friend of Raven’s 12

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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      2. Thank you Dewin… and yes, I had a chickens feather to add to my collection yesterday and hoped the fox ate well.. Such is the food chain..
        I am just popping in today to my blog to catch new comments.. and then will withdraw into my inner sanctum again for Easter..
        The energies at the moment require me to go within.. As the old is getting cleared within the planet.. Many things are converging right now energetically.. And I am finding I need to keep my inner peace from the external drama’s now being played out.. So if I go quite for a time my friend.. You will know why..
        Blessings and a Happy Easter to you also Dewin.. May we all see the Rise of Peace, and Understanding in the world.. 🙂

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      3. Hey Sue,

        Another warming smile to fold away in the pages of a Scarecrows notebook. Thank you Sue, a delight to see you here again as it always is.

        It is an enchanting, dynamic time of year, an opportunity to capitalise upon the vitality and energy of spring in preparation for a dazzling display throughout the sunshine. We’ve seen your bloom before Sue and know how brightly you’ll shine when ready to unfurl and sizzle in the Sun. Friends wait here for when you are ready, so don’t be a stranger or stay away for too long. You’ll be missed from our small field.

        Until then dear friend we’ll try to keep the wheels of WP turning slowly without our Drummer. Pray for Peace and Understanding – yes indeed Sue, such beautiful words for a troubled world to reflect upon.

        Take good care Sue, of you and one and all, especially the very special little girl staying the weekend with you, the one that gifts her love and warms your heart like no other. Now who could ask for anything more?

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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