Friar's Walk

~ Friar’s Walk ~ By ~ Tattle-boggle ~


Archways haunt avenues at Friar’s Walk.

 Llanthony’s rural Priory long passed.

Past times yet elegant shining at night.

When darkness becomes her cloistered shroud.

 Pulled taut to her keen weathered frame.

Still standing after so long.


Teetering stones where angels once stood.

Teeter teased by time to tumble stumble.

Save one thoroughfare facing eastward.

Where arched hosts curve back night.

With song for all who might still listen

Stay to hear beauty bedevil the devil.

From roving homeless fiction.


Not for the last time upon this night.

Might angelic light flare revision.

Else please submission at my bottle’s end.

For tonight’s one last addiction.

My very last collision.

One final acquisition.

One lasting apparition.

Arisen from division.

To save me from oblivion.

Should I ever stray beyond Friar’s Walk.


Artwork by Dewin Nefol –



2 thoughts on “FRIAR’S WALK

  1. Hey Ulysses,

    We were reclining on our framework when into our field wanders a hero! 🙂 Greetings new friend of scarecrows; welcome indeed to Gallybloggers, home of Raven’s 12, our merry murder of crows with poetic attitude and intent to use it wisely.

    Thank you for kind your words, succinct and punchy, your comment is gratefully received and your generosity most welcome, thank you. We imagine you wear your epic name with a wry smile, a twinkle in those far-horizon gazing eyes, and a yearning for mindful adventure. It’s a pleasure to share your company here, thank you for your visit.

    Llanthony Priory is a very beautufl location either by day or moonlit night. The Priory is largely lost to time but central archways remain intact as too towers and occasional walls. It shares a wonderful atmosphere very readily: there is a perpetual sense of peace lingering within its walls. Popular during the summer months it attracts campers, the location is stunning, and those also seeking a decent pint of beer. Outside of these more immediate attractions, the Priory has served as a temporary and very occasional refuge for those travelling more widely carrying their homes in backpacks. Tattle Boggle, a scarecrow once passing through town was one such troubled soul who shared space with Grace in a ruined place for a short while long ago. They tells me their experience whilst there helped to change their life, ‘an awakening of sorts’, as they said it to me.

    As Dewin I have visited Lanthony Priory several times. It is one of my favourite locations in Wales. It is also alleged to be one of the few places in the UK unaffected by light pollution, thus enabling unspoilt views of the stars. By chance, or good fortune I found a vantage point one night that afforded a view down the Vale of Ewyas to a point where both the night sky and the land fused as one seamlessly undivided, undifferentiated colour. Beneath crystal clear skies the stars were spinning in the heavens above, whilst I stood spellbound and humbled and lost in the spectacular beauty and silence of blackness. It is a memory I treasure.

    Thank you once again for your company and readership. Now you know where we are, we hope to see you here more often sharing your presence with us all. Take care new friend.

    Namaste 🙂

    DN and Raven’s 12

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