Friar's Walk

~ Friar’s Walk ~ By ~ Tattle-boggle ~


Archways haunt avenues at Friar’s Walk.

 Llanthony’s rural Priory long passed.

Past times yet elegant shining at night.

When darkness becomes her cloistered shroud.

 Pulled taut to her keen weathered frame.

Still standing after so long.


Teetering stones where angels once stood.

Teeter teased by time to tumble stumble.

Save one thoroughfare facing eastward.

Where arched hosts curve back night.

With song for all who might still listen

Stay to hear beauty bedevil the devil.

From roving homeless fiction.


Not for the last time upon this night.

Might angelic light flare revision.

Else please submission at my bottle’s end.

For tonight’s one last addiction.

My very last collision.

One final acquisition.

One lasting apparition.

Arisen from division.

To save me from oblivion.

Should I ever stray beyond Friar’s Walk.


Artwork by Dewin Nefol –



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