~ Tin Shell ~ By ~ Hay-man ~


I am Knighted.

In an alloyed alliance.

Fleshly skinned thinned tinned fluted.

Preserved freshly flaked.

Savage swordsman steak.

  Battle-hardened keenly edged.

Punctured pierced impenetrable.

Wildly wielding unyielding.

To no-one.

Ever again.


Artwork/Photography By Dewin Nefol – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/



12 thoughts on “TIN SHELL

    1. Hey Sue,

      Welcome to Raven’s 12 and the domain of friendly homeless Scarecrows. We are delighted to have you visit and share your thoughts. We are equally encouraged by your appreciative comment. Thank you so much.

      Whenever She is able, Fair Lady Fortune makes opportunistic provision for temporary building materials to become available, a small unrealised comfort though this may be. In offering shelter from storm and threat, we are also armoured on the outside against an intimidating, despairing, unforgiving, and ill-conceived world spinning at the whim of bankers and capitalists who fund self-effacing governments that are not in service to their people, or their Homeless. Governments without morals, ethics or heart who consistently service their own needs to the determent of those placing them in power. We are their nemesis, street Knights, Gallybloggers, armoured on the outside, still raw and passionate always alive always flesh on the inside preserving our rightful choice for freedom from state imposed limitations, controls and obligations. We are a growing number of sword bearers wielding sharpened quills with a wish to express and cut to the chase of our lives. We see and hear everything that happens within our city and share our stories willingly. Our numbers will swell, in fact our numbers are swelling already…we are a growing national statistic both here in the U.K and world-wide where we are marginalised by society. But we get to taste freedoms others don’t have, and that keeps us strong together.

      Raven’s 12 are familiar with your Blog and wholeheartedly support the contents of your impassioned posts regarding the natural environment, and also those with similar tangible political referencing regarding the state of the world. We shall visit as often as we are able. The majority of us have no readily available access to communications. In a day and age when the vast majority of people have readily available access to phones, computers or other communication devices – conveniences regarded now as essential and necessary to function in life – we and other scarecrows are not entitled to such opportunity because we are Homeless. The current welfare benefits system does not make provision for affordable, discounted, or free mobile communications. Raven’s 12 would like to see this aspect of benefit’s provision changed: thus enabling the Homeless to participate more fully within society and better function within contemporary life. We believe it is affordable within the benefits system, and/or, could be paid for through discounted contribution made by those receiving benefits. Presently, it is not even considered as part of any benefits package administered by the DWP. We think it extremely short-sighted on their part not to encourage the government to do so.

      With gratitude for your visit today Sue, and best wishes for the forthcoming weekend. Take care in all ways always.

      Namaste 🙂


      (Raven’s 12)

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      1. I remember you saying Dewin that your circumstances had changed some while ago.. And your courage is greatly aligned with that of Merlin..
        I am pleased to be upon Raven’s 12 list of blogs read..
        And now see why you disappear often..
        You and your comrades have my whole hearted support in your challenging the establishment in their extreme shortsightedness.
        In the mean time, I hope your army of Quills will gather together their feathered flock to put ink to paper to create more great works, that awaken minds to plights, and hardships..

        Sending my sincere thanks for acceptance within your scarecrow band of warriors..
        We need more warriors baring their Light swords within the world..
        Love and Blessings my friend 💙

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      2. Hey Sue,

        With sincere gratitude, thank you for kindness and generosity, warmth and understanding in your words. Indeed your support is gratefully acknowledged… one hopes our small idea will gain momentum and popularity when heard by the right people.

        We are grateful for all who visit in friendship and support. Thank you for generosity in sharing both: an alloyed alliance in words and spirit. You are always welcome here Sue, scarecrows one and all sharing one field of dreams, thank you Dreamwalker, Drummer…and Light Swordswomen.

        Raven’s 12 believe Welfare Benefit provision in the UK is antiquated, un-necessarily complex, and ill-fitting for contemporary society. Your acknowledgement of our current (modern) situation and circumstance is considerate and very much appreciated, thank you. We agree it is a small request for all Governments presiding over funding for welfare provision to negotiate with telecommunications companies that make billions of pounds every year – BT reports a 24% jump in quarterly profits amid revamp – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-35457574 – to ensure provision is given where it is most needed affordably for all. To the Homeless without access it would represent choice…an option exercised at free will via contribution, and/or an opportunity for charitable funding by billionaire’s wholly encouraged by millionaire Cabinet members. With expensed mobile phones. And expensed homes. Mainly two of them, or so we read in the newspapers we sleep in each night. Fair play is what we say. Good for you.

        It is wonderful to hear BT are ‘revamping.’ Something richly dark and fang-like lurking there in the board-room paint-tin we think. Or perhaps with Fair Lady Fair, Fair Fortunate and Fair Hope, together with a fresh new perspective on community participation, companies like BT will under government request demonstrate fairness, take responsibility for and act charitably to provide targeted help to the Homeless. What about a little Outreach as well as BT Openreach? Open reach….also a good word one might use to describe the manner in which Homeless seek help or beg to receive money.

        Ah yes indeed Sue, I and Raven’s 12 always speak so highly of Merlin. He is Legend here amongst us still. One cannot live within the skin of a Welsh Red Dragon and not be so inspired by him. Each of us writing at Gallybloggers feel his presence amongst us and with us as we walk talk meet greet sleep and eat spreading fable and parable far further. Merlin once walked many miles to tell as many stories in many more realms than ours. We continue to do much the same. Hey-man is a Celt tramping boarders between England and Wales. A Celt who is always returning to his father land by finding his own way home to Hey.

        Dewin Nefol never really disappears…errant wizards never do, nor walkabout scarecrows, tramps, or shadows, nor the homeless who frequent them as Raven’s 12. We are eyes always everywhere and yet nowhere to be found. Transient by name, transient by nature, journeying through the asylum of life.

        Quills will gather Sue
        Birds of one feather always do.
        Flocking in unity fluttering.
        Steeled quills quivering.
        Glinting sharply sailed.
        Revelling revealing rambling
        Through streets.
        Hearing words.
        Telling tales.

        Hoping you will visit here again and always find firm friends welcoming you with Raven’s 12.

        With gratitude for your kindness.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN with Ravens 12

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      3. I will most definitely be here again Dewin. And as for Openreach.. Its just had a massive fine.. What I want to know is who gets to keep the money they fine these companies and what do they do with it?
        Have a wonderful Wandering Day, and do not get too rusty within the rain.. ❤

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      4. Hey Sue,

        Ah yes indeed, thank you. An excellent question! We shall dig a little further for information and report back. A sizeable fine unexpectedly collected from a global company would fund many initiatives…mobile phone provision for the Homeless being one of them.

        Thank you for your comments today Sue. We shall anticipate your return recalling delight at your ramble with us here on this occasion. Thank you for participation, encouragement, a heart-warming story, and as always, for your kind and considerate words.

        We wander in all ways for always, and in all ways we wonder why we never rust or gather moss. But then we remember rolling stones and armoured snails never still long enough to ever weather or lose the edge of their s/words ❤

        Enjoy a wonderful weekend Sue. Take care of one and all.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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      5. Hey Sue,

        A rainbow appears across our City as two sit sharing the warmth of your kind thoughts. Their smile makes my day.

        Amongst crowds today in a busy city, we imagine a time when it was not dissimilar to Camelot. We cut away the superfluous – the illusion of ephemeral forms – to know beneath the rise of concrete glass and brick is an ancient land that never sleeps. We feel this land….our imaginations feed on its rich blood vein as carrion birds do.

        Raven’s 12 are we, yes Knights indeed (lol), lights, shadows, dreamers with steeled quills and shields of tin armour. We live to quest, quest to live, always adventuring venturing, walking wandering wondering, we know our City as a friend in a way far better than we know ourselves.

        We foresee Raven’s 12 concretising their union with firmer visual intent. Perhaps a new banner flying above the slated towers of Raven’s 12. A new standard, a new identity imprinted on cloth, heart and shield. We shall endeavour with a vision along those lines.

        Thank you for your comment Sue. Your Blessings are entirely reciprocated, your sentiment returned with gratitude, and your company always most welcome. Share our field anytime.

        The weekend is already well underway, I trust it has/will fulfil your every expectation. Take good care Sue. Thank you for caring.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Ravens’ 12

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      6. Hey Sue,

        Ah, perhaps an exchange of energies has occurred to leave a small crock of gold at Rainbows End? The lingering thought that lasts from a comment made? Perhaps it was even heard once long ago by a fireside when an old man told tales to smiling children? Haunts of times past haunting still perhaps?

        Curiously an Irish Pixie from Connemara has found a new home amongst our 12. As so five cloaked Friar’s, and two brassy fairy-folk. All figurines, all very small treasures fitting into deep folds inside a threadbare rucksack. Good luck and a little faith carry our community a long way.

        We imagine your poem will be iridescent, shining with the light you wield from within.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12


  1. Hey Ginni,

    Welcome to Gallybloggers, the hosting site for Raven’s 12. We are grateful to have you visit, evermore grateful to receive your generous praise and thankful still further for your reading.

    Your Blog is known to us via a mutual acquaintance and your poetry read and enjoyed from afar as opportunity allows.

    We very much appreciate the word ‘assonance’. How it seems to linger on the tip of one’s tongue with presence.

    A pleasure to have you visit Ginni, thank you. Dewin will ensure your kind comment reaches Hay-man’s ears. Our Celtic friend constantly crisscrossing boarders is currently doing just that, away at this time. They will be immensely pleased to be commented on. Thank you.

    If I may, speaking as Dewin about Hay-man…

    Friendly acquaintance Hay-man.
    Is the angriest person.
    I have ever met.
    All but seething rage.
    Barely contained in flesh.
    A rage unstoppable.
    Improbable incorruptible demonical.
    Bristling boiling venting fuming.
    Baptised fluted beast.
    Fire flushed flesh flaming.
    Raging fanning flaring skin.
    Scorching scaling Dragon red.
    It is said is iron clad red.
    Sworn torn forever worn.
    Shielding Homeless hearts.

    Grateful for your visit Ginni, thank you so much. You are always welcome here whenever rail tracks offer Track n Trail-tracks for you to branch off on.

    Take care in all ways always.

    Namaste 🙂

    DN and Raven’s 12


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