~ Track ‘n’ Trail ~ By ~ Bwbach ~


Tall tales tread with me.

Tramp in me.

Accompany me further.

Along disused rails.

Sharing tales.

With other snails.

Trailing with me.

Following rails.

 Threading tracks.

Threadbare backpacks.

Tramping trails.

With tales to be told.


Photography By Dewin Nefol –



7 thoughts on “TRACK ‘N’ TRAIL

  1. Wonderful poem..Bwbach.

    This reminds me of a story my husband would tell our children, of when he was a child… They then lived upon a small holding.. Hens, geese, etc..

    A Vagrant man would call in around every 6 months of so.. And my husbands Mother would cook him a hearty meal, and he would be invited in to sit by the hearth, the old black led oven types.. And my hubby said he would sit enthralled listening to the tales this old gent would tell them.

    He would get out his treasures that he had found along the way encountering the stories of where each had been found, be it the shinny button, or a broken brooch.. And he would show them the wooden carvings he had whittled along the way from the pieces of wood..
    My hubbies Dad, would set him up with some fresh clothes and find him a pair of boots… He never would refuse anything.. Only later would they find the boots placed neatly behind a wall..

    He came for years and the whole family were sad when one year he failed to show up.. And to this day my husband still talks fondly of him..

    Love and Blessings..

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    1. Hey Sue,

      Bwbach, our boxcar tramping friend extends his warm gratitude for your comment.

      ‘Thank you,’ said Bwbach.
      A Raven of few words.
      Often whispered trailing away.
      Heard smiling ear to ear.

      Thank you so much for your continued readership and support. It is much appreciated by us all.

      As too your story. It both amazes and charms. A story we imagine that was enjoyed by a roaring fireside one night. At once a parable and magical it is warming generous guiding. The stories we tell embellished with such truths create the best flash fact-ion: stories leaving stories leaving boots behind a wall…

      Would it were possible your vagrant family friend survived to this day he would be thrilled to be so warmly remembered. No doubt he would reflect on those times with equal regard considerate of those sharing heart with him. You describe him as a remarkable character bringing his trust, his love, his appreciation and his reflections on life to share with wonderfully caring people. What better exchange might one happen upon freely in life….when honesty, a square meal and caring company exchange for stories to thrill, please, tease, tantalize, charm and enchant, and to be imagined still further after leaving.

      Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story with us. Speaking as Dewin Nefol, I have great regard for the ‘treasures’ found bound to our journey through life. Synchronicity astounds, abounds, always in all ways it is alive on every track ‘n’ trail.

      Blessings indeed Sue for jewels upon your path riches in your heart and warmth always burning in your hearth.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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      1. Yes, my husband fondly remembers him… And I hope he feels the love my hubbies family felt for him.. He was always sent on his way with home made bread, scones, and cheese and apples from the tree.. 🙂
        My husbands family didn’t have much, but they shared what they had..
        If only the world would do the same.. What a different world we would live..
        Many thanks and please send my kind regards to the 12..
        Blessings Sue

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      2. Hey Sue,

        With certainty he would remember the warmth and repeated kindness of treasured moments: beautiful memories always linger longer because they are often so rare. The food that was given….it tastes like a veritable banquet.

        Benevolence, thoughtfulness, goodwill and decency largely underpin the act and nature of giving. Motivations like these don’t require grand sweeping gestures. Even a brief moment spent asking if a Homeless person is okay is sometimes enough to warm a distant heart and perhaps bring a smile.

        Consideration to and for others bares no material cost, it is a commodity freely given alongside graciousness and compassion. Charity might then be the motivation to put into action all three virtues. We imagine a far less divided world centred on more virtuous living would benefit all.

        Your kind regards will be most gratefully received by Raven’s 12. Thank you. We are encouraged by your visits here, warmed by your understanding and appreciation, and grateful for your followship and company. Our field is always your field, Sue.

        We are considering the possibility of using public facilities – libraries, internet cafes – to open up our immediate access to the Internet. For most at Raven’s 12, a little time will be needed to learn new computer skills – one or two will operate a computer for the first time – but we will prevail and extend our capabilities and knowledge.

        A delight to have you stop by as always Sue. Thank you. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

        Namaste 🙂

        (Raven’s 12)

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    1. Hey Ginni,

      As welcome as always you’ll be, thank you for visiting again to share track and trail with our backpack packed with snails telling tales walking rails along trails through times flint skint thin skinned tin torn upon tracks distantly disappearing in convergence.

      Our friend Bwbach the boxcar.
      Author of this poem.
      Is a frequent rail user.
      Qualifying for frequent rail user fares.
      Permitting carriage by PSE Rail.
      Shanks’s Pony Express.
      Heavily discounted
      Abbreviated from ‘spent’.
      Hence rusting tracks.
      Dusted boxcar sidings.
      Weeping shacks and shedding
      Yet carriages aplenty.
      Empty company for me.
      Or others like me.
      Frequent rail users.
      Free spirits of Track ‘n’ Trail.

      PSE involves a cost. It is a low-budget rail operator, the cost is worn when replacing shoes. Which reminds us. We have a particular friend who would like paid employment as a self-employed shoe, boot and clothing tester should the manufacturing sportswear or hiking companies ever require valuable, incomparable quality control and accurate valuation of their expensive products. The Homeless life is demonstrably hard on clothing, harder still on those who seek charity for help affording it.

      Thank you for visiting Ginni. Please feel free to wind your way here whenever your whim wishes. We enjoy the company of your trackside words. Thank you.

      Take care.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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