Dark Raven

~ Dark Raven ~ By ~ Scruffy Dude ~


Carrion darkened the dawn on Bryn’s White Mount.

Lingering longingly amongst us.

Thoughtfully accounting silently counting.

Else discounting unsavoury cuts.


“Cras! Cras! Cras!” cackled Mugin’s merry Crow.

“Today a proud fallen hero!”

“Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!”

“Fallen fellow ploughed fallow!”


I lay betwixt this realm and next.

A wash of grey shedding shadow.

Silently waiting beside where I’d died.

With nowhere else to go.


I remember nothing of the felling strike.

Or might or bite of glinting steel.

But wild eyes wild with wild dark light.

Left to fade and slowly congeal.


I recall into my blood-red dawn.

Rushed swarthy swaths of shady hue.

Tides of flocking mocking malicious spawn.

Upon dark Raven wings they flew.


To searing pain raced blackened rain.

Death tumbling upon the bloody mire.

Tumbling stumbling strutting stabbing.

Into souls ready to expire.


Slicing slashing claws rasping raking.

Hungry for flesh and shattered bone.

For spills and spoils tokens ‘n’ trinkets.

For scalps and scraps for home.


Savagely cutting carving stealing stalking.

Crowing and scavenging corpses.

 Pecking and pruning at souls still reeling.

Felled laying fallen in mori mortis.


Then to my sight appeared a considerable bird.

Chiselled marble dressed cobalt blue.

“Cras!” cursed the Raven’s coarse crowing cry.

“We are one as two here for you.”


“Whispering shadows shifting in your mind.”

“Sheen seen intuitively.”

“Fitting incisively,” said a voice entwined.

“Fleeting forms flitting unremittingly.”


“Harbingers healers holders of  high saunts.”

“Dealers in rare ancestral memories.”

“Darkly depositories soaring darkly haunts.”

“Blackened ominous treasuries.”

“Fear not spirit!” crested Hugin’s carven cry.

“Come closer chasten your terror.”

“We come as guides to be by your side.”

“Carry you beyond Death’s mirror.”


Photography/Artwork by Dewin Nefol – https://dewinnefol.wordpress.com/



30 thoughts on “DARK RAVEN

    1. Hey Eugina,

      Welcome to Gallybloggers, the hosting site for Raven’s 12.

      Thank you for visiting and leaving your support by way of a kind and generous comment. We shall pass your remark onto Scruffy when next they show…erratic as always, they come and go seemingly at their leisure or else depending on the direction of the wind. Your comment will put a smile on their dial and warmth back in their heart. Thank you: simple gestures are sometimes the most influencing.

      We look forward to your next visit and hope you’ll find further enjoyment in the words of those contributing to Gallybloggers and Raven’s 12.

      In all ways always take care.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12


  1. A tremendous tale of the carrion.. As it carried the Spirit over yonder ..
    I read this poem twice and savored each word
    Thank you Scruffy Dude…
    And a poem awaits the Raven’s 12 on Dreamwalkers, entitled Ravens and Dragons 🙂

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    1. Hey Sue,

      How are you? Thank you for wandering our field again, lovely to have you come by as always. Both kind and considerate your comment is most welcome thank you Sue…you seem to understand and appreciate the Raven, its history and symbolism as Scruffy Dude does. Your line, ‘savoured each word’ had us smiling….carrion isn’t everyone’s favourite poetic bite. Thank you.

      The Raven is their favourite bird, in fact a firm friend of theirs after having encountered either Mugin or Hugin at least three times in their life….sadly, such is the almost fatalistic nature of walking a path of inebriated excess at the hands of demon drink. Happy to report Scruffy Dude has become a changed person having submitted to the Raven’s pruning ways and casting away their reliance/dependence on alcohol. Scruffy Dude is a wonderful person, an individual of immense personal courage and depth who exudes a fierce strength of spirit. They have many wonderful stories to share: a life rich with hedonism and error but far richer in personal redemption and salvation.

      As Dewin Nefol I shared two hours of Scruffy’s time over coffee this week and barely managed to squeeze a word in edgeways. Scruffy is a natural storyteller, compelling to listen to and generous with sharing information and comment. I hope Scruffy will contribute more often…they are notoriously errant in their ways and meeting up with them is problematic. Like most of Raven’s 12, it is far easier to have paths cross without setting a schedule, a plan or making arrangements….agendas are a human construct existing in another world and don’t hold must sway when one lives daily with the sweet spirit of true freedom.

      Raven’s 12 will gather (individually) and fly swiftly to your blog Sue – https://suedreamwalker.wordpress.com/2017/04/06/ravens-and-dragons/ …excited and eager in their anticipation and hunger to savour your poetry. Thank you, we are certain it is a tasty delight to be enjoyed.

      Hoping you are looking forward to the weekend. Take care of one and all as you always do.

      Happy drumming and strumming!

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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      1. Thank you Dewin and please pass on my regards to Scruffy Dude…and he should be well proud of himself for ALL of his achievements.. Not an easy path to escape from, So I am happy the Raven proceeded to do some pruning. And no doubt rewards with a few left over feathers here and there to be picked up along the pathway.

        Many thanks for the shout out too.. Merlin though is slipping with his magic again… I think he is spending too much time in Merlin’s Cave.. for this comment did not return via the carrion of WordPress 🙂

        But I am always pleased to double back to find any fresh words for me to feast upon.

        I hope you enjoy a Sunny Weekend..

        We will be off on a hike into the Derbyshire Dales this weekend.And I will look out for any Ravens along my route 🙂

        Take care and again, this poem is excellent.. 🙂

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      2. Hey Sue,

        Of course I will pass on your kind regards, thank you Sue. It will be a pleasure…another smile for Scruffy’s miles ahead.

        Scruffy’s story is not dissimilar to many other people releasing themselves from addictions of various natures. Their tale is one of fortitude and resilience and Scruffy should be respected for their determination and praised for their success. They have been diagnosed with a long-term and progressive mental health condition, which is permanently impacting, but it also grants them an endearing quirkiness and unusual perspective. To Scruffy it is a gift and they feel blessed to be different. Personally I think Scruffy is wonderfully unique, especially passionate about life and deeply questioning about what they intuit. Someone who understands emotion at competing ends of the same wide wild and wondrous spectrum, who appreciates grace beyond the empirical, and has always secretly yearned to write, to express, to release and off-load something of themselves. Two hours in their calm and thoughtful company was a pleasure.

        The shout-out was also a pleasure Sue. Thank you for being so supportive here at Gallybloggers and encouraging others via your site to visit. We are grateful for all shows of support.

        Hmm, about Merlin…he is a flighty wizard, given to errant ways and long naps in crystal caves but, if my path crosses his I’ll have a word regards WP. Enough said. There are two comments left by Raven’s 12 and I on Ravens and Dragons. Hope you receive those.

        Saturday has begun with a thick fog creating a seamlessness between Earth and sky. It leaves one displaced, perplexed, curiously wondering what might lay within it. At time of writing however, blue sky, sunshine and a single vapour trail blaze my vista through the windows. A beautiful sight indeed.

        I trust your Derbyshire hike will not disappoint…would it ever let you down as a pleasure I wonder? Never! It is a small chunk of heaven set down a jewel in middle England and breath-taking throughout the seasons. Take a camera, keep an eye open for ravens and feathers, and should you encounter a wayward vagrant soul penning prose, put it in an email and send it onwards here.

        Thank you for kind comments on the poem. Pleased you enjoyed it.

        Enjoy the weekend. Take care always in all ways for always and always.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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      3. Dewin.. Merlin is listening in his cave.. Seems the first comment never comes through but the second one does.. This also happened on other blogs with me at the moment, So I forgive dear Merlin, its not his fault. LOL
        I am just in the process of reading the link within your second comment.
        And I am so pleased that at last some politicians are clearing their consciences .. And telling the truth of how it is..
        You and I could easily chat all day on this subject alone..
        I think many more are now waking up, despite the ways in which we are duped, mind controlled, etc..
        So its good to see waking sheep at last not all following the herd, and are now jumping out of their boxes from their pens.. 🙂
        And are using their Pens to create, inform, and awaken others to facts..
        Something I have been aware of since the late 90’s when I really woke up to the world.. 🙂

        So Pleased to have read Scruffy Dudes poetry And I hope Scruffy Dude contributes more of his tales as he writes and inspires others along his travels.. I look forward in anticipation
        Have a Sunny Day Dewin.. I am just going to put together a post for my garden blog.. Then I am closing down for the day..
        Blessings to all 🙂

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      4. Hey Sue,

        Some say Merlin never actually sleeps, others suggest that he is in self-imposed exile existing in a state of suspended animation. But whatever the truth, Raven’s 12 know he walks every step of the way with us daily…and we often have very real need of a good wizard. 🙂

        We hope you find value in watching the material on Paul Hellyer’s website. We find him inspiring. Our only wish being that he had greater power to both initiate change and progress change to satisfactory conclusion. He is a wealthy man, either an ex-banker or a man with firm connections to the banking world. We believe he now feels need to contribute back to society and disclose truths. Your phrase ‘clearing consciences’ is particularly succinct.

        Raven’s 12 welcome all forms of expression that challenges aspects of tradition and convention, liberates the senses, exudes emotion and imparts a unique and fascinating vision of the world. We enjoy quirkiness, creative genius, and anything life-affirming. Please let us know of any new sites you find Sue that inspire interest or promote the themes of this blog-site.

        We also look forward to Scruffy’s work and will be first to publish it here. Quite a scoop for us we think 🙂

        I think Dewin Nefol is heading to Hay on Wye today…accompanying a long time friend to a 2nd-hand book sale, one of many throughout the year. Dewin has no money to spend but plenty of time to browse for ideas…maybe he’ll kick back a while in a winged back chair and take in a line or two in some charming old dusty bookshop. Something about the thought of that…the smell of old books, light scything through a dingy shop spotlighting motes, its comforting, although there’s something a little Dickensian about it as well perhaps? Anyway, we shall see how the afternoon unfolds for Dewin and hear about his trip. Others from Raven’s 12 are heaven only knows where. But we trust they are all safe and well and busy penning prose or pencilling pictures.

        As for you Sue, as always thank you for your reply. We trust your day blooms a sweet scented rose.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12


  2. Reblogged this on TINA FRISCO and commented:
    Unless we are enlightened beings, losing a loved one is devastating. My friends of 40+ years lost their younger sister a few days ago to necrotizing pneumonia. The onset was sudden and death came quickly. I am grieving.

    I am also remembering those who daily face the danger of losing their lives in the blink of an eye, because they live on the streets. They are called The Homeless. They are the unseen. Judged and neglected, they have as much a right to life, prosperity, and happiness as those of us who meet our basic needs without giving a thought to those who scavenge for their daily bread. And they are brilliant.

    On April 6th, my dear friend Sue Dreamwalker published a post about the GallyBloggers. who share thoughts and poems written by the homeless on the streets of the UK. Their excellent works are a testament to the fact that poverty and ignorance do not go hand in hand.

    I hope you will visit their site and offer your support to these most deserving poets. Read Sue’s post HERE https://suedreamwalker.wordpress.com/2017/04/06/ravens-and-dragons/

    Liked by 2 people

    1. (Tina, thank you very much indeed for your re-Blog…we have left the following comment on your wonderful site at: https://tinafrisco.com/2017/04/11/dark-raven/#comment-6571 )

      Hey Tina,

      At a time when words sometimes fail to comfort grieving thoughts, you and your friends are very much in our prayers. Sadly death does make prisoners of those it leaves behind and no amount of time seems able to replaces the loss of a loved-one. We understand from our perspective how people are far more than just a physical presence in our lives: they have a permanent home in our heart and flow in our blood, and at times in certain lives they save us from dying and we do the same for them. We live, we love, we love to live and we live to love. And we hope your grief will heal quickly as you remember the love always shared and never forgotten or diminished by death itself. In life we exist as energy, in death we exist as energetic thought and feeling in the hearts and minds off those still loving us.

      We came to pass on our sincere thanks and grateful appreciation for your re-Blog of Scruffy’s poem and to express gratitude for the sincerity and kindness shown in the comment you made. We are grateful indeed to have you enjoy the poem, and the blog, and to recognise that poverty and ignorance are not always symbiotic bed-fellows as we are led to believe…homelessness happens to individuals who have previously participated in more traditional lifestyles but who find themselves displaced and unable to accommodate the responsibility of family or home-living. Such individuals are often educated, with experience of life, but people who cannot participate within contemporary society anymore. Scruffy was employed many years ago although their memory of that time his faded, as has much else from the surface, but yet they still retain great interest in the history of the land they get to call home.

      Acknowledging your own Blog and its contents, together with your profile, leads us to conclude you are an erudite and learned lady with compassion and thoughtfulness. Your gesture here is demonstration of the depth of your measure, and we are grateful to be included on your wonderful site. Thank you.

      If ever wandering our way, we’d be pleased to share your company at Gallbloggers.

      We hope your week is unfurling successfully and following a path always leading you to further happiness. Enjoy your afternoon and evening. Take care Tina.


      DN and Raven’s 12

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      1. Dearest Dewin, you give me great comfort and much food for thought. I hope my humble sharing reaches many more who will visit here, share and appreciate these brilliant poets as I have. I am following your blog and will continue to help shine your light into the world. Love and blessings to all of you 💚💜

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey Tina,

        We are touched by your reply, thank you so much. Gallybloggers seems blessed to meet and befriend some truly wonderful people.

        Scruffy will rise like a phoenix on wings scripted with your words beaming a smile and enjoying his ‘celebratory’ status amongst Raven’s 12. 🙂 We love his flare and elusive ways, his generosity to his friends, and the strength of his character. He is cared for from a distance and knows a coffee awaits when next paths cross.

        We’ll be sure to leave the gate wide open to our green and flourishing field and keep a space reserved for friends. As we proposed to John Fioravanti at Words to Captivate: https://wordpress585519.wordpress.com/ should you bring coffee or biscuits with you when you visit we’ll provide the complementary item and poetry. What more could we ask for than chance to share the delightful company of a new friend over a cuppa. It’s been the basis of many lasting friendships and wonderful discussions.

        With sincere thanks, Love, hugs and brightest blessings, Take good care new friend of Ravens 12.

        Namaste ❤

        DN and Raven's 12

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      3. Aw Dewin, you are so sweet. I will delight in sharing coffee, biscuits, and conversation with Raven’s 12. It warms my heart to know that Scruffy will enjoy the celebrity we offer from our blogs. Raven’s 12 has won my heart ❤

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      4. Hey Tina,

        “Excellent!” came a voice from the feathered crowd.
        “Scelerisque buccellatum will do us proud.”
        “And may I say you have a wonderful way.”
        “A wonderful way of making our day.”
        “A celebration of Life.”
        “And Love.”
        “And chocolate.”
        “A catalyst to friendship.”
        “And sincerity.”

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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  3. (John, thank you very much indeed for your re-Blog…we have left the following comment on your wonderful site at: https://wordpress585519.wordpress.com/ )

    Hey John,

    With our kindest regards and grateful appreciation for this show of support. Thank you so much for your re-Blog from Tina, for your encouragement here and at Gallbloggers, and the succinct and mindful introduction to this post. Scruffy will be thrilled, delighted to have been read and appreciated and no doubt celebratory all week when hearing his words have travelled beyond his known shore. Your kindness is gratefully acknowledged, their smile your reward for ‘friendship’ from afar. Thank you.

    Your following and readership at Gallbloggers is most valued, your support priceless, your company always welcome, and the field in which we stand a place to freely wander amongst friends.

    Take care in all ways for always.


    DN and Raven’s 12

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    1. I am moved by your response, good sir. My heart goes out to the homeless who never chose to live that way. I am pleased to help Scruffy feel good about his poetry – I’m impressed with his work. Thank you for the invitation. I’ll be back!


      1. Hey John,

        It’s our pleasure, thank you for your spirited company.

        Scruffy D is an artful Raven, a man of great depth and mystery, he is careful when sharing himself with others, cautious as well, and sadly so often withdrawn. Quietly spoken with a voice almost a whisper he wears a glint in his eye as if to suggest there is always something far more important going on behind knowing eyes than one will ever know.

        He will inspired by your considerate words and perhaps even allow himself a little more time amongst us. We’d certainly like to see him ‘about town’ more often, but that is how life can be. Homeless people come and go, friends move on or disappear and life goes on because it has to. It is the way of all things.

        The invitation is always open to you day or night so please feel free to visit whenever suits you. You’ll not be checked on the door for trainers or to see if your name is on the list….friends walk freely within our Crowless field. We’ll look forward to seeing you here again, thank you, and trust you will find further enjoyment in the poetry offered as you sit a while and chat away with scarecrows.

        Enjoy a fruitful and fulfilling week. Take care.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12


    1. Hey Diana,

      Welcome to Gallbloggers and the virtual home of Raven’s 12. It’s both a pleasure and a delight to have you visit and have us share your company for a wee while.

      Your consideration of Scruffy’s poem is really very heartening, he will relish the praise and find great comfort in your kindness and understanding of the work itself….he takes a lot of personal pride in choosing words with care, slicing away the superfluous, and aiming for specificity and focus. He will adore your use of the words ‘art, poignant, and moving’ and be quietly moved to ‘muse a small smile’ as Tennyson might say if he were here. 🙂

      Scruffy has a passion for history and a penchant for Welsh history in particular. Myth and Legend never sleeps in a land born from the mists of time and inhabited by fierce Red Dragons. The national emblem for Wales taking centre stage on the Welsh flag is the Red Dragon. As one keen on Fantasy and Magical Realism (we love the Hobbit as well) you’ll know of the Medieval Romances, the Grail Quests, and perhaps a little ancient Celtic history as well? We feel very proud of our heritage and assured knowing we have inspiration and enchantment living with us every day.

      Bryn (Bran) the Blessed remains a famous Welsh mythological hero within the Mabinogion (and owner of two Ravens) whose talking-skull it is said in folk-lore lies buried in Gwynfryn, The White Hill, (thought to now be the location of the Tower of London) facing France so as to ward off invasion. Odin of course also kept two Raven’s, Hugin and Mugin who are depicted here. The imagery of the talking head is widely considered to derive from the ancient Celtic “cult of the head”; the head was considered the home of the soul. Scruffy has taken small liberties with history and blended themes but the context remains intact.

      Thank you once again Diana for interest, generosity and kindness in supporting the intentions of Raven’s 12. We would be delighted to have you visit again hoping that you’ll find further enjoyment in our work and chance to comment again. Thank you.

      Namaste ❤

      DN and Raven's 12

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      1. Hey Diana,

        Thank you, it will be a pleasure to set aside space for you amongst those gathering at Gallybloggers. You will always be welcome here.

        Until next time friend of scarecrows…

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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    1. (Kate, thank you very much indeed for your re-Blog…we have left the following comment on your wonderful site at: https://katemcclelland01.wordpress.com/ )

      Hey Kate,

      It’s an absolute delight to welcome you to Gallybloggers and Raven’s 12, and our pleasure indeed to thank you wholeheartedly for the re-post on your charming blog. Your visit here, your following and generosity are certainly appreciated by one and all. Scruffy in particular will be chuffed, perhaps also a little embarrassed to be so kindly regarded by so many, but the colour of rouged cheeks will suit the smile that beams between them and twinkling eyes. Your kindness will be joyfully received and warmly appreciated in so many ways. Thank you.

      We were happily encouraged by your visit here to wander a path to one of your 3 sites…and by way of introduction of your work began our reading pondering Pond Monster, a nostalgic and humorous tale of childhood misadventure and pond-weed! And an excellent read it is as well thank you, we had smiles at the end and high hopes that the wild-man of the woods is not so wild anymore! Enjoying what we read, we shall certainly be back for more from your laden table. It is a banquet Kate, thank you.

      As with all friends who bring the warmth of their wonderful company to our small field, a space will remain set aside for you should your path through the Looking Glass turn here en route to your distant green hill. Earl Grey comes as standard served with honey and a smile and you’ll find not one diving board in sight. A high outcrop of rocks are set up high some way above us if adventure motivates you…the view from the very top is awe-inspiring.

      Until then friend of Raven’s 12…enjoy a peaceful, prosperous and pleasant Easter Weekend…I trust you’ll be blessed in all ways including chocolate. Thank you again for visiting kate.

      Take care in all ways for always and always.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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    1. Hey CB from BC

      Welcome to Gallybloggers and our gathering of Scarecrows amassed under the feathered guise of Raven’s 12. Always a pleasure to welcome a new visitor, and a new friend in the making as well we hope. Mon casa su casa.

      Thank you for a kind, considered and succinct comment, your appreciation will bring a smile to Scruffy’s dial and make their day, if not their week, far easier to negotiate and manage. It is wonderful to acknowledge how a few magical words can inspire when spoken with sincerity. Thank you CB, Dewin will ensure your comments reach Scruffy’s ears when next their paths cross.

      We took a wee stroll over to your Blog earlier today and followed a trail of buoyant bubbles along a meandering path into the sunlight of your poem, The Next Take. We left a comment for you, a few words to show our appreciation of your work, and to thank you for supportive generous comments here and elsewhere regarding Dark Raven. Your metaphorical poem, a reflection on persistence, determination and passion and the rewards to be found in revisiting dusty discarded manuscripts left us inspired to reflect on our own frayed jackets and to return to your blog seeking more gems within your work. Thank you for drawing our attention to both.

      Our field is your field CB, so please feel free to wander wherever you may please and return whenever you have need of a scarecrow, a friend, or a place to just rest and still a while. We always enjoy the company of friends who know the secrets of bubbles, sunny glades, poetic words and inky-wings 🙂

      Until next time CB from BC…take care in all ways for always and have yourself a wonderfully adventurous and high-flying week. Soar like a Red Kite.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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