~ Seven to Sever – By – Druid ~


For my next mystical play.

I’ll deal with the Joker.

The Locust playing poker.

In the Book of Joel.

I’ll cut him deeply.

Split him, deck him,

Shuffle him out.

Stack him, pack him.

Meld him back in the box.

Bloodied as the Fool.

It’ll be my pleasure.

I’m a card-sharp.

With a razors edge.

And a loathing of insects.



And parasites.


Locust Image from:

Artwork by Dewin Nefol:



16 thoughts on “SEVEN TO SEVER

    1. Hey PSJ,

      An unexpected pleasure to have you return to our field of dreamers. Thank you so much. As always, it’s our pleasure to make you feel welcome.

      We were a little curious regards your comment. This Eugene of whom you mention, is your reference taken from the ‘English form of Eugenius, the Latin form of the Greek name Ευγενιος (Eugenios) which was derived from the Greek word ευγενης (eugenes) meaning “well born”. It is composed of the elements ευ (eu) “good” and γενης (genes) “born”. This was the name of several saints and four popes.’ We’d like to believe that all at Raven’s 12 would wear that mantle well. We were all well born and most of us continue to be that way.

      Druid has very definite feelings regarding the establishment. A scarecrow widely travelled and intuitively wise, they have deep faith in God, the scriptures, and in the certainty of Love being the overarching principle of all Life. They wield their quill with the same anger as might a warrior wield their axe, and yet they are refined, and equally as humble. No doubt 26 years of constant displacement, disquiet and derision now leaves their resentment ingrained and self-perpetuating. Views from the street will always be raw, and Druid is no exception. A traveller seemingly always just passing through like a gentle storm.

      We hope when next they call, they’ll have another poem to pass onto Gallybloggers. We are always grateful for the Druid to show. As too your visit and comment, thank you.

      Warmest wishes PSJ for a weekend of wonder. May it be wonderful.

      Take care.

      DN and Raven’s 12

      Name Meaning taken from:

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      1. Hey PSJ,

        We thank you for that superb addition to Druid’s poem…we wish we’d included the soundtrack as a backdrop to his work when posting. An excellent choice to be sure…it inspires shivers.

        Your Eugene would make a wily associate of Raven’s 12, as too Dave Gilmour who uttered the original words, ‘careful with that axe, Eugene.’

        We appreciate your sentiment and acknowledge your wisdom as always. Thank you for obliging us with both.

        From one Dryw and ‘Oak Knower’ to another, thank you good friend 🙂

        Take care always.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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  1. Wow, Dewin, that was quite a reply! I enjoyed the poem by Druid and the anger was quite apparent throughout. Interestingly, I didn’t recognize it until the end and then was able to recognize it earlier on. Well done, Druid!

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    1. Hey John,

      How lovely to have the pleasure of your company once again. Thank you for joining us on this Sunday morning.

      Druid is a complete fascination. Their mind is both deep and unfathomable, a space one could never enter without either lantern or flash-light, and even then one would have to tread with great care. They are proud, sincere, wholly devoted to their way of life and the land that supports and comforts them.

      As Dewin I only had a short meeting with Druid, more a passing exchange of words and pleasantries as opposed to full on extended conversation. Druid imparted enough of themselves to leave me able to respond to comments. A deeply religious man, though not tied in any way, shape or form to traditional conventional religious understanding, they support the themes and underlying tenements of scripture: they cherish Love, despise Evil and desire Peace and Freedom equally for all through spiritual endeavour and compassionate practice. They see no validation of these facets of spiritual life present in the Governments who preside over the lives of us all. They are angry and deeply troubled by such arrogance and deceit of the people…the repeated deforestation of people’s inner gardens and lives, the violence perpetuated under the name of politics, and the blood that has been spilt through wars, and the neglect and erosion of supporting networks for those who are suffering. Their reference to Locusts, described in the Biblical Book of Joel as ‘plague’, makes an emphatic statement about the manner in which governments behave: as a swarm of soulless parasites living on the backs of good people. Of course it was the Devil who sent locusts and Druid tells me here is here to fight them armed with pen and quill, with a shield of faith, and with an army of righteous angels. I certainly believe in the ferocity of his deeply spiritual intention.

      I asked Druid what was significant about the 7 of Spades? Their eyes glazed a little and looked away skywards. “It is the Mystical card of those who know Trust and Faith and who see the Kingdom of God victorious on Earth,” they said. “I also hold the 9 of Spades,” whispered Druid. I couldn’t argue with any of that….my hope is that Druid returns when it is time for the 9 of Spades to be dealt.

      Thank you for your comment John and insightful ways 🙂

      Wishing you a pleasant Sunday beneath a warm and comforting sky. Take care and relish St. Georges Day in its original ancient guise. A curious synchronicity occurs as I mention St. George…I receive a hit from Turkey, how wonderfully synchronous.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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      1. Hey John,

        Thank you for your reply.

        Raven’s 12 fight with pen and quill and the 7 of Spades. They are not in anyway violent but they are certainly deeply passionate about wanting social change and transformation. They speak of Eden with the same breath as they talk of Earth. There’s is a seamless faith born from the philosophy of, As Above So Below. I believe that is Druid’s underlying precedent.

        The Kingdom of God is a metaphysical kingdom, one which already exists in people’s hearts…found once layers of superfluous fluff and fabric accumulated over a lifetime are cut away. Perhaps it is only the courageous in heart who’ll submit… those who have nothing are already streets ahead of the rest of us. When one’s life hangs permanently on a knife edge, when death is only the next step away, they find their warmth, their comfort, and their Love in a power far greater than that of any man. They wish the same Love for one and all…but few ever stop to listen to their wise whispered words.

        Thank you for visiting John. As always, our pleasure to see you here. We trust all is well in all ways, and your metaphysical garden vibrant and blooming beyond the edges of a manicured lawn 🙂

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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      2. Again, I understand that and I’m not trying to paint everyone with the same brush. I also accept that there are souls who are light- years ahead of most of us in terms of spiritual enlightenment. Thank you for the explanation, Dewin.

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      3. Thank you John,

        We readily accept and understand your discerning perspective, and fully appreciate the generality of our statements and words: they are broad strokes. It is difficult to pen with a pairing knife, to be deliberate and focussed on detail when the philosophies, notions, and ideas of governments demand full and active participation by all members clutched within it’s claws. Druid responds to the feelings of the collective consciousness and balances his ideals upon the assuredness and certainty of the one beautiful Earth they sand on.

        We too accept their are enlightened souls light-years ahead of us. We’ve seen them walk amongst us and know they are already here on Earth inspiring others with their beauty, their purity and their humanity. We watched them arrive one early misted morning in February several years ago. They arrived at dawn beneath Venus’s gaze, 12 flaming balls of Light emerging upon the horizon and descending slowly to Earth. They are here to stay. It is they who inspire Raven’s 12 to set pen to paper and encourage others to do the same. Pens are far mightier than any sword could be.

        With thanks and gratitude for your encouragement. Thank you for the opportunity to offer explanation and for your interest and on-going support. We are grateful to have both.

        We trust all is well and hope for a wonderful week for you. Take good care of one and all, friend of Raven’s 12.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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    1. Hey Erikred2,

      Raven’s 12 are delighted to share your presence here amongst us and acknowledge the support and friendship of a fellow poet with a fiery wand and flaming spirit. A view of your excellent work provides adequately in illuminating both your work and your glinting steely edge. Superb poetry my friend, thank you.

      We very much appreciate your visiting and commenting so generously. All shows of support for Raven’s 12 are gratefully acknowledged and entirely welcome. Thank you for your spirited words my friend. We shall do our utmost to frequent your site for further reading. What we have viewed so far is superb, thank you. Druid feels particularly inspired by your work.

      Thank you again for visiting friend of Raven’s 12. Please feel free to join us here whenever you wish. It would be a pleasure to see you here again.

      Until next time…take care.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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  2. Druid writes well, and calls a Spade a Spade..
    And there are many Jokers in the world in need of being cut out from the pack.. Those who serve self-interests .
    The book of Joel.. An interesting read if one looks deeper into its content.
    And today’s world is full of such parasites who feed off humans suffering..
    We may think we live in a civilised word. Yet still great poverty is prevalent around the world..
    As cheap labour is exploited in faraway lands that grow richer by one half while the other half scratches a living..

    Druid is a clever insightful poet.. One who sees beyond and beneath the illusions of this material world.

    I read the poem several times..

    I remember a wonderful real Romany Gipsy woman whom I stuck up a friendship with after she knocked on my door one time selling heather.. I did not have much money to give, but I did invite her in and we stuck a bargain.. She gave me a reading and could not only read my hand but said that a deck of playing cards spoke like no other to her..
    Her gift was remarkable..

    She would visit every 6/9 months or longer and I would save my children’s clothes to pass along to her. She could not read or write that well.. But each card she pulled would speak volumes

    I have never forgotten her and it must be some 35 years since we met..

    Sometimes… Fate… is held not only in our hands.. But it’s dealt.. And I feel in my gut.. The cards to be dealt soon have been written in the cards of life for a while now..

    Blessings and Beautiful artwork Dewin. 🙂

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    1. Hey Sue,

      How wonderful to welcome you back to Gallybloggers Sue, thank you for your visit. We do enjoy your company and presence very much. Your wit as ever brightens our page and brings smiles to one and all. Druid is far too refined to use a bloody shovel unless digging: a spade is much more his style and far easier to handle in tight spaces. Both ‘sorcerer’ and ‘seer’, Druid is a very insightful poet with great vision and deep respect for the sanctity of life. He will be very grateful for your affirmation and regards. Thank you Sue.

      These are very much hollow times when darkness prevails and the plague of profiteering and exploitation continues unabated across the world. Governments are not in service to their people but always to themselves and their paymasters. We read only the other day a comment in the Financial Times from an ‘insider’ at Whitehall (what an ironic name that is, Blackhall would be better fitting), who suggests the mood within government has turned from ‘day to night’. One wonders if the Light had ever penetrated the dark recesses of our government. Perhaps it is the reason why there are individuals (women actually) who are walking away from the shadows. They obviously know something that the rest of us are not privy to, but why doesn’t that surprise us! Perhaps we should take their lead and abandon this wicked self-effacing Tory severity once and for all. Whilst not a politically motivated group of Scarecrows, Raven’s 12 are holding out for Corbyn because there is no better alternative choice!

      We were delighted, thrilled even to read your charming story Sue and to hear of inspired company, kindness, generosity, and sharing: an exchange that brought mutual rewards and mutual respect. The warmth and appreciation your showed speaks volumes about you Sue and sets an example to the rest of us as well. She obviously had a very powerful impact on you to be so well remembered after so long. We believe as you believe that there are individuals who are gifted with extra-sensory abilities and have great intuition and connection to others and the collective consciousness of the World as a whole. We know of several people who cry when the World cries, and feel the pain of suffering. If only everyone believed as we do and had ears to listen to the right people as opposed to remaining naïve and ignorant and happy to always settle for second best. People of the World have gone to sleep, lulled by consumption and eager to perpetuate their self-absorbed lives built on sensationalism and materiality. We feel it is a very sorry state of affairs and requires change and transition on the fundamental level. Quite how that may come about is difficult to determine, but we pray it won’t be through war or further bloodshed.

      You wrote, ‘Sometimes… Fate… is held not only in our hands.. But it’s dealt.. And I feel in my gut.. The cards to be dealt soon have been written in the cards of life for a while now.. ‘ Sue we couldn’t agree more. This is the time of the Quickening and Fate will play Her hand when the time is right. Social change is coming and it will hit like a biblical tidal wave leaving the World fertile with potential to rebuild in the correct manner once again. We pray for Peace, Compassion, Love and Understanding, and have Hope for prosperity and equality and freedoms for all.

      Thank you for generous comments on the artwork, Dewin tries his best to add what he can to the richness of words…Raven’s 12 are grateful for his commitment to us.

      Your visit has been a pleasure Sue, thank you so much for continued support. Your presence amongst us is inspiring.

      Enjoy the remainder of your week, take good care, and we’ll see you at the allotment. Knowing how creative you are, we wondered if you had ever thought of ‘acquiring’ a Scarecrow to look after your allotment whenever you are not there? It would make a wonderful little project, perhaps there is a special little someone who’d also enjoy helping you ‘create’ a silent gardener for the patch 🙂 Just a thought!

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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      1. Thank you Dewin.. And I am in agreement about politics and the parties and politicians.. And it’s why around the world Changes are happening on an ‘unprecedented ‘ scale.. Because the System in place is flawed.. And its crumbling..
        Changes within the world are never easy.. We see this throughout history.. We give them names.. Like the French Revolution. The Renaissance period which was another re birthing.. When Empires also fell.
        Living within Changing times we do not always get a birds eye view how one thing changes into the next.. But we are here at this time to help facilitate these changes..

        The problem is there are those in their ivory towers of greed who are doing their utmost to stop those changes happening. They do not wish to let their empires fall.. So they have us run around in circles believing this and that.. Lots of disinformation out there, while the real dark lords are working diligently behind the scenes, playing with ‘harps’ opening worm holes to more rabbit holes.. While we are being sprayed from on high by clouds that have been seeded..

        Argh yes.. I am pleased indeed that Ravens 12 are indeed a group of insightful BEings, for they are wise and much admired for their insightful ways..

        I hope in the future such fellows gather in ranks of more like minded souls whose travels like my warm hearted gypsy lady friend.. And whose skin was wrinkled and worn, embedded with the pigment of the Sun to come together in communities that know the true gifts of this Earth plane..

        To go onto your subject of Scarecrow.. I was way ahead of you Dewin and will provide you with a link of one I made earlier my friend.. 🙂

        And in the next link my friend.. You can see Herbert in the allotments on duty

        Wishing you and the 12 safe travels..
        Sue 🙂

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