~ Drifter ~ By ~ Reaper


Climbing veins lacing sky-scraping arches

Fanning flaring delicate architectural branches

Flourishing fashionable rose stained glasses

Scattered shattered amidst ruined circumstances.


Once exciting still enticing still drawing my eye

Upward through shadow to her cobalt sky

Reaching far beyond her deepening sigh

To a wandering Star heralding on nigh’


Patiently waiting silently praying for a whisper

One word one touch one loving sweet whimper

One kiss one embrace for a lonesome drifter

One tender push more along life’s endless river.


Pacing as a panther padding dark hallowed ground

Every sense alert for word from the profound

For my prayer to be heard for my heart to be bound

For Her passage to open, for my paradise found.


Stilled stayed motionless breathless entranced

Distilled free-willed, if only She chanced

One moment to tender the embers in my heart

To share her Love tear my pain apart.


Paused delayed dismayed by Love’s absent ways,

I abandon my prayer within an insomniacs haze

To settle down, stretch-out on blessed ground

And wait for words that make no sound.


Shadows fall beneath night’s bitter shroud

Stars emerge their pinheads bowed

Dreams soften the pound from away down town

Yet still there comes no sound no sound

Yet still there comes no sound.


Hands pass midnight in perpetual revolve

Darkness thickens evolves dissolves swallows

Colours thoughts coals, back into black night

Black dreams, black doors, blind sight, once more.


Hope like sleep wakes a quiet time to cry

To sigh to lie to fly this night beneath her sky

I won’t dream without her flattering my eye

Without her heavenly sigh as my high


Tears slip slide glide spill else fall and fall

This foolish drifter, space shifter, time-rifter

Knowing of dark hours proceeding the dawn

Knowing beyond this time my life will go on.


When mystery arrives, she surrounds me softly breathing

Pushing pressing pleasing reaching seizing

Eagerly pleading feeding teasing tempting me

Far beyond darkness and the final end I see.


Now yearning I’m turning tilting stilting wilting

Shifting, lifting, gliding gilding soaring,

I’m pouring, I’m flowing glowing streaming

I’m gleaming I’m screaming redeeming I’m bleeding

Feeding finding meaning receiving believing

Feeling her breathing keeping me dreaming

Beaming teeming proceeding leaving evening

I’m fleeting I’m fleeing, infusing I’m fusing

Sowing growing showing I’m dawning greening

Weaving winding straining gaining sustaining

Retaining reigning I’m remaining praising exclaiming

And drunk with Love for my drifting Star.



14 thoughts on “DRIFTER

  1. Such mixed emotions I felt when reading this. Grief. Despair. Amazement. Awe. Relief. Gratitude. A powerful piece of writing that left me immersed in Hope. Thank you, Reaper and Dewin, for sharing. Sending love and hugs to all at GallyBloggers 💜💜

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    1. Hey Tina,

      A delight to welcome you back fair Lady Tina, we have missed your purple hearts and the comfort of your warming words and kind appreciation. My apologies for a late reply, I have had much to attend to of late and am playing a little catch up, please forgive my tardiness. Thank you.

      Forays into the thoughts of the Homeless has permitted many wonderful poems to be aired and shared and we hope enjoyed for their innate worth and content. We feel inspired to persist and to continue to do what we can to provide small relief for the Homeless and in so doing present emotion, sensation, and feeling as expression of their circumstances. Reaper has delighted us all with a powerfully stirring piece of work seeking to detail something of the full range of emotions they feel. That you conclude your reading with thoughts immersed in Hope suggests at the kindness and compassion in your heart, which in itself is wholly inspiring for us. We hope others will be left feeling similarly to you and be inspired to support the Homeless and help to raise their profile in the minds and hearts of all. Help is greatly needed for the 250,000 homeless people across the UK and any means by which to encourage support has to be worthwhile and affecting. We hope that will be the case anyway. Your kindness and friendship goes a long way to putting smiles on dials and a sense of personal pride back into hollow and empty lives. Thank you so very much.

      We’ll sign off by sending our love and best wishes back to you and expressing our thanks once again for your visit and comments. Thank you.

      Until next time, take care in all ways always.

      DN and Raven’s 12

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      1. Always lovely to hear from you, Dewin, no matter the time frame. You and all at GallyBloggers have earned your angel wings, for you share nothing but beauty with the world. Bless you, dear friend. My love to all 💜💜


      2. Hey Tina,

        Thank you, that is a very kind sentiment indeed, and one we will treasure always 🙂 You really do have a wonderful way of lifting our hearts and our spirits ever higher and closer to the Sun. We relish flying upwards to those dizzy heights and joining you and the other angels in paradise on Earth.

        We are blessed by your company and honoured by your friendship. Our love and best wishes are with you always Fair Lady Tina 🙂

        Namaste ❤

        DN and Raven's 12

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    1. Hey John,

      Thank you very much for your inspiring comments here. Your on-going support is most encouraging and always welcome.

      We have responded to your kindness in the re-blog below. Thank you 🙂

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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    1. Hey John,

      It’s wonderful to see you back here at Gallybloggers again our friend…it seems you have a regular pitch in our field. I trust you will be made to feel welcome.

      Thank you for kind words and generosity in your appreciation of Reaper’s poem. They will be delighted their words elicited emotion and inspired reflection. More transient than the rest of Raven’s 12, Reaper does not venture into town very often preferring life on the edges of the city well away from the crowded life of hustle and bustle. I met Reaper more by chance than by planning or introduction when I took a new route home and met them in a local park. Very hesitant at first to participate, they relented and agreed to write their thoughts. I am so very pleased that they did. We also thought this a powerfully stirring piece, poignant with emotion and feeling, and reflective of the range of powerful emotions often prevailing in the minds of those experiencing Homelessness. There is always hope, there is always freedom, but the Love so desired is often imagined, sometimes to point where it becomes ‘real’ by way of faith, desire and need. Homelessness is a roller-coaster of emotion, life always on the edge of existence spent waiting for help and support or spent waiting for the one night from which one will never wake. Life is very black or white.

      We are most grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm for our work here John, and really do appreciate all the help you are offering. The re-blog of Small Drama was very generous, and re-blogging Reaper’s poem leaves us deeply thankful and warmly inspired! Thank you so very much for supporting Raven’s 12 once more John. It really is very much appreciated.

      Hoping all is well and life finds you blessed with happiness, health, and good fortune. Take care good friend.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12


    1. Hey Rachel,

      A very good afternoon to you and welcome to Gallybloggers and the home of Raven’s 12, homeless scarecrows one and all and poets aspiring. It’s always a delight to receive a new visitor to our small patch of green field. Please feel free to join us whenever you feel need to wander or have desire to find a field to get lost in, we’ll do our best to accommodate.

      We are always so very pleased to have our work read, shared and appreciated, to receive such generosity in a comment, and to know that a reader derived enjoyment from the words we present. Reaper will be overwhelmed by the generosity that has been shown and I hope encouraged to frequent our neighbourhood more often and gift us their words. This is a very powerful and moving piece of writing, overpowering and even brutal in places and certainly poignant throughout. It stirred our emotions and left us thoroughly contemplative. We shall look forward to more of his work in time.

      Thank you so much for visiting Rachel. We hope to share your company again in the future. And until then, take care of you, and enjoy the remainder of your week.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12


  2. I agree with Tina.. So much emotional highs and lows all linked together brilliantly by the craft of Reapers Penned thoughts.
    As he takes us through those feelings of wanting to feel loved, waiting for some touch of compassion, some tenderness of which we all seek.
    Asking, sending out his prayer that comes back empty as the dark night
    To fall as shadows in empty dreams as the darkness creeps her coldness into his bones..
    Tears escaping in acknowledgment of repeated empty dark nights..
    Yet despite the darkness Reaper is telling us he finally can see..
    As he turns his head to that distant star… he finds another meaning.. Another reason to keep on keeping on his endless road. Another reason to Believe.. That sustains him ..

    I hope Reaper, as you spend your night beneath the stars.. You draw a little comfort in knowing You are loved..
    Sending some of that Love your way…
    From another Dreamer whose path I know is very blessed..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue 💛


  3. Hi Dewin, just dropping in to see if you had left a reply and I had not received it.. I think maybe some of my comments on several posts are not going through the notifications.. Wishing you well, and I thank you for your visit today 🙂

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