~ Small Drama ~ By ~ Kuebiko ~


Linger longer.

Stare if you dare.

Be fair if you care at all

About small drama.


In the cheaper seats

At the back of the crowd

A small gathering face me.

I am a curiosity to them.

They hate me.

Loathe me.

Love me.

Their eyes pity me with silent parlance

But turn from tipping pittance in my cap.

Why do they do that?

Appreciate the show but never throw roses?


Spare one moment of your time please sir?

Share my company of players.

It’s a solo act.

An on-going soliloquy.

Stay for the play be stirred.

Pay for the theatre be consumed

Pray for the beggar be addicted.


Or just critique the whole damn show.

What do I care?

I’m here all week.

Playing the same part anyway.


Art composition by Dewin Nefol:



21 thoughts on “SMALL DRAMA

    1. Good afternoon John,

      Lovely to see you back in our field again John and harvesting our wares for reblogging and consumption on the other side of the great puddle. Your kindness and generosity are gratefully received as too your on-going support and company. Thank you very much indeed John, we are most appreciative.

      I spent a little time with Kuebiko one afternoon sat in the High Street of the City in which I live watching and listening to the passing crowds and getting a better appreciation of life at that level. Few who passed stopped to offer warmth in words or gift a few coppers. Those that did stop were generous in heart and equally as generous with their sentiment, but they were few and far between given the numbers out shopping. At one point a member of the public (laden down with shopping bags) approached us seeking information about stolen property: ‘I’ve had my bicycle stolen. Would you know anything about it? I mean because you are always here in town, have you seen anyone riding about on a stolen bicycle? If you hear of anything could you let me know? Thanks.’ They handed Kuebiko a telephone number and turned to leave. Having already been insulting, and then adding to that by seeking to capitalise on Kuebiko’s circumstances by asking for his help and support, I asked them if they felt able to make a small donation to this homeless man. They were offended by being asked and simply repeated their request for help. I smiled when Kuebiko tore up the phone number and handed it back to them with a few choice words to express his own sentiment. He was not angry but disillusioned and offended, and explained to me that often the Homeless are targeted by the public whenever petty crimes take place within the community. The stigma of being homeless and the perception of certain members of the public to their ‘ilk’ appears to attach itself readily to the possibility that all homeless people are thieves and criminals, which in my direct experience is simply not the case at all. To suggest otherwise merely foregrounds prejudice, highlights general ignorance, and demonstrates how detached most people are from the reality of lives outside of their own. The Homeless are desperate for help not desperate for uninformed abuse.

      Again, thank you so much for the re-blog John, for the pleasure of your company and the sentiment expressed introducing this poem elsewhere. We look forward to welcoming you back here next time.

      Until then, enjoy a wonderful week and the ever-warming sunshine. It’s going to be a sizzling summer, we hope!

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Ravens 12

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      1. It is my pleasure to share the fruit of your talents on my side of the pond. Although I’m not a poet and I don’t have any formal training in this form of literature, I do know that I like what I’m reading and your message is important. Galleybloggers is a great way to help educate the public.

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      2. Hey John,

        And it our privilege to be befriended, supported and encouraged by you John and to know that our small voice is being heard and listened to around the world. Thank you. You are right to suggest that ignorance and prejudice prevail in the minds of many who have yet to take a long hard-look at their own myopic world view and realign their thoughts with the sentiments and feelings in their heart rather than their mind. Social issues are not just for governments and local authorities to resolve but real concerns for all of us who wish to live in a better world without division or discrimination and without unfairness or inequality: a world with a shared sense of local community, co-operation, and inclusivity in spirit. We all have a significant part to play in making this a loving world knowing compassion and kindness, love and peace. And if we don’t seek change for ourselves, then surely we must have the vision and the desire to see beyond the extent of our ephemeral lives to the world we leave behind for our children and future generations to come. Don’t they deserve a better world, one in which they do not inherit the sins of their fathers as all past generations have done? We live in Hope and pray for robust, positive, permanent and effective change.

        Raven’s 12 will continue to strive and express their thoughts and sentiments and seek to present the best of themselves in the hopes that their words will reach into hearts and positively influencing minds. It is indeed an education of sorts, and I hope we will be effective in what we are aiming to achieve. Your kindness goes a long way to supporting that intention by circulating our stories far further. Thank you friend for all you do.

        We’ll leave you to enjoy the wind-down to the weekend and trust any plans you have will materialise and bear fruit. Good luck with the writing and blogging, and as always, take care of one and all on your side of the pond. I’ll keep fingers crossed for sunshine and more of those hot Texas winds streaming warmth to your neighbourhood. Happy days indeed!

        Take care big fella, catch up soon I hope.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12


  1. I work in an office on London’s Victoria Street and on my way to and from my job, I come across quite a few people who are obviously homeless. One gentleman in particular plays a traffick cohn in and around Victoria, which is both sad and moving. Kevin

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    1. Hey Kevin,

      Welcome to Galybloggers and the home of Raven’s 12, scarecrows one and all. A delight as always to welcome a new friend to our small field, we trust you enjoy your stay.

      The gentleman you speak of sounds an amazing character, and his traffic cone playing a spectacle to admire. I hope he receives many well wishes and donations for his musical theatre. It certainly can be a very sad and moving experience witnessing such alternative behaviour and on occasion shocking as well. One hopes their actions and the feelings they promote will inspire others to help, support and assist them further. The world needs many more good Samaritans getting down and dirty with the Homeless.

      As Dewin Nefol, I hear many stories told of homeless life in and around the UK. Several of our number have been homeless for in excess of 30 years during which time they have travelled substantially throughout the UK and spent time in several major cities. London always seems to get a mention, yet believe it or not, those that have stayed there would not return. They find London overcrowded, vastly isolating and wholly indifferent to real humanistic values, a place where transient people find little sense of spirited community: a place where the population have no time for themselves let alone time to consider the homeless or the suffering of others less fortunate than themselves. Wales is very different in that regard to many areas of the UK, perhaps because the working-class mentality is a proud tradition in Wales born from heavy industry rather than white-collar work…people are generally more earthy, more grounded, less impressed by superficiality and cosmetics and live in a manner more closely aligned with nature. The Homeless that I have met prefer their home town where they enjoy familiarity with the area and a less brisk way of life. In addition, those that have returned to Wales readily find their sense of personal identity is restored and maintained…Wales being their country of birth. One can take the Homeless out of Wales, but one will never take Wales away from the Homeless.

      Figures released on the BBC website in December 2016 ( estimate 250,000 people are homeless throughout the UK, with numbers in the high thousands within inner London alone, and these figures are growing daily. It is a growing issue and one that needs addressing by the Government very quickly. Indeed Labour have outlined an initial proposal in their recently leaked manifesto to reduce Homelessness and support those that are. We at Raven’s 12 hope that such promises manifest and attention given where it is most needed. Certainly, we hope the Homeless in general will benefit from a Labour government rather than the severe cruel austerity imposed by the self-serving Conservatives, but time as they say will tell.

      Thank you Kevin for visiting our merry murder of scarecrows and for sharing your story. Perhaps you’ll find chance to speak to the cone player and come away surprised by what you find. We’d be delighted to hear more.

      Until next time my friend, take care and enjoy the remainder of your week.

      Namaste 🙂



    1. Hey PSJ,

      Welcome back to Gallybloggers. As always we are pleased to see you here again offering your generous perspective and kind appreciation. Your support is warmly received thank you. I will of course pass your sentiment onto Kuebiko who will be delighted, I’m sure.

      Thank you also for commenting on the artwork. Kuebiko suggested at using the mask from Phantom of the Opera as a basic design and building from there. He felt that such an iconic image helped contextualised his work about the tragic theatre of Homelessness.

      Gallbloggers hope to include more poetry from Kuebiko whose njotebook seems full already with thoughts, words, ideas, images and of course their personal scribblings. As Dewin I get to share a little of the contents of the Gallyblogger’s notebooks and know of untold treasures still to be liberated from lined pages and placed into the public domain. I hope their words will be read by all in good time.

      Thank you once again for visiting, commenting and continuing to offer your esteemed support and company. Until next time…

      Take care of one and all,

      Namaste 🙂



  2. I’ve done my share of street performing. Baring one’s soul can be perilous if attached to response. Kuebiko’s attitude is a lifesaver. And your artwork is stunning, Dewin. My heart is with all of you at GallyBloggers 💜💜

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    1. Hey Tina,

      We are delighted as always to receive your company and wholly encouraged by the warmth of your comment…Kuebiko will be joyous when your words reach their listening ear. Thank you for generosity and support and offering further encouragement to merry murder of scarecrows to set pen to paper and present more of their artful expression.

      Your reference to street-performing had us most curious to know a little more? Kuebiko is homeless, his act no performance but a role sadly, unwillingly, undertaken on a permanent basis whilst they persist to exist in the opera of life. We admire their attitude as did you: their sense of personal pride and right for life remains however down-trodden they may be as does their spirit which whilst vulnerable finds its strength in a place beyond sense of most people’s knowing. As Dewin Nefol, I often get to thinking of how many of us would fail if we ever found ourselves in a similar position in life destitute and with nothing more than the clothes we can wear and lives bundled into a backpack or dustbin liner. It is generally unimaginable for us to consider such a possibility, and certainly a state of affairs one would wish never happening…a case I think of there but for the grace of God go I.

      Thank you for kind consideration of the artwork…more Kuebiko’s inspiration rather than mine, I merely facilitate a translation of their ideas and hope they approve of my choices! 🙂

      And thank you for two further purple hearts to share out amongst Raven’s 12. Purple is their favourite colour….the colour of Magik and of Merlin and of Ravens and Rulers! One day they tell me, the meek shall inherit the Earth, and I believe them.

      Our gratitude as always for your kindness Tina, and our loving thanks for your kindness and support. Be well our friend, and enjoy a wonderful spring weekend, blessed we hope with sunshine and not showers like it is here in soggy Wales.

      Take care in all ways always.

      Namaste 🙂


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  3. I paused when writing the word ‘performing,’ Dewin, as it didn’t feel quite right. Yet I could think of no substitute. Although I was in very poor financial straits at the time, I was not homeless and thus can only imagine such devastation. The chaotic circumstances here in the U.S. are exceedingly troubling, especially for those of us who survive on very little. If ~ as the Republicans threaten ~ the plug is pulled on health care and Social Security, I will lose my residence and meager income. I thank The Great Spirit every day for the roof over my head. On my daily walks, I meet many of the homeless in my city. I always share whatever I can, because not only am I merely one breath away from being homeless myself, but also my heart can’t help but feel compassion. I wish I could do more. I laugh at myself when musing about winning the lottery, because my first thought is about with whom I will share the winnings. It’s not a harsh laughter, but rather a joyful one. A wonderful daydream, don’t you think? The folks at GallyBloggers would be on my list of recipients, and that thought gives me great pleasure. So I’ll hold on to it for a while, because energy follows thought. Lovely to chat with you, my friend. You always brighten my day and fill my heart with sunshine 🌟 My love to all of you 💜💜

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    1. Hey Mili68,

      Welcome to Gallybloggers and the home of Raven’s 12. It is a delight to receive both your company and your support, and to have you share our wares so generously. We are most grateful for your encouragement and sincerely hope your kindness and our poetry will be well received by those who read your Tweets and Blog.

      There is growing concern amongst us all here at Raven’s 12 regarding the increasing numbers of Homeless people throughout the UK. We witness all too often the tragedy of suffering that exists in our towns and cities and daily we hear so many stories from those whose lives are lived on the absolute margins of existence: those whose government and UK Social Security let-down or fail miserably to support. What is happening within our communities is wholly reprehensible, it is morally and ethically wrong.

      We ask just one question of those who conjure up policy and that is to demand to know exactly who decides ‘what is fair?’ Who makes that judgement and how do they arrive at their decision when as multi-millionaires they are so far removed from the reality of Homelessness that they really don’t have much understanding at all, but feel readily able to decide and dictate terms. We wonder if their spurious decisions are justified by their godless god of money, because certainly their decisions are not justified by God in the way we understand God.

      Raven’s 12 hope and pray for unprecedented non-violent social change to occur and for that to happen it must be the people who step-up to the plate and seek to have returned to them their uncompromised human rights: rights that have been slowly eroded by governments and authorities alike. It is time for society to advance and for civilization to progress rather than stagnate at the hands of political greed and self-interest.

      We thank you again Mili68 for your support and encouragement and welcome you here whenever you wish to visit.

      Wishing you brightest blessings and sincere best wishes in all ways always. Take care friend of Raven’s 12.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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  4. Thank you for continuing to illustrate & illuminate the daily struggles many of us endure through no fault of our own. If I can assist by reblogging, Tweeting etc then it is another voice to be heard in conveying the message that everyone should have the rights to food, water, a home (as is defined by that individual), & safety/to feel safe; that’s it, nothing less in my humble opinion. 🙂

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    1. Hey Mili68,

      Thank you for the warmth of your kind reply.

      We agree wholeheartedly with you: these are the basic essentials one needs to survive: needs that one should be able to expect rather than hope to be provided by the government of one of the top ten richest nations in the world ~ ~ It serves no purpose whatsoever to the larger picture when suffering prevails to the extent that it does, not just in the UK but world-wide. Provision by the UK State in its current guise is not sufficient to provide adequately, nor we might suggest appropriately, to be wholly inclusive and meet the needs of growing numbers who are dependant on government help, support, and assistance. We are not a political group of scarecrows, but we do recognise that the social security system in the UK is underfunded and managed through a set of precedents that are ill-fitting for contemporary society. Change must happen, and we hope rapidly, so that suffering and inequality will be readily addressed, and become a fading memory.

      Your generosity and kindness is much appreciated. Please feel free to re-blog or Tweet whatever you wish from Gallybloggers, it would be a pleasure indeed to have our voices heard more widely, and in so doing raise the profile of Homelessness as an issue. We have tried to challenge the stereotypical view many have of those who are Homeless by making provision for thoughts and views to be expressed in poetic form. We hope in some small way we are effective in educating hearts and minds and pausing thoughts long enough for people to reflect on their opinions. If our humble Blog engages people more readily with the issue of Homelessness and has them reach out and where possible help, support and ‘befriend’ those whom they pass in doorways and alleyways, then we have been successful in our endeavours. Your contribution is gratefully appreciated, and your support most welcome. Thank you kindly for sharing both with us here.

      With gratitude and sincerity. Take care of you, and have a wonderful week.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12


  5. Homelessness can happen for so many reasons.. so many circumstances involved.. and your poem helps illustrate that not everyone is ready to see that.. some people don’t acknowledge the people they see on the streets.. let us have more humanity and be open to helping others xx Thank you for the poem as well as your unique artwork!

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    1. Hey Christy,

      Thank you so much for taking time away from a busy life to frequent our small patch of grass here on Word Press. You’ve brought a smile to our merry murder of scarecrows and appreciative understanding of our circumstances in your reflective comment.

      Thank you for being sensitively aware of the suffering and plight that comes with homelessness and for acknowledging how far basic human interaction and kindness can go to helping those who cannot readily help themselves. Basic human interaction is a priceless commodity to those who may be entirely inactive socially, who go days without chance to talk and share with another. A mindful ‘how are you?’ whilst strolling by is little effort at all and to stop for longer, if ‘invited’, is to share space with another in the most fundamental of human ways…just ‘being there’ is sometimes enough. Raven’s 12 know how one small act of kindness and consideration can not only change a homeless persons day but also bring warmth and sunshine to those offering a token of help as well. We hear tales told of people who have given with kind and generous motivation when they themselves cannot afford to help but understand love is about making equal sacrifices in life and not equal contribution.

      Kuebiko is a talented individual and we hope he’ll be writing again soon. Our number fluctuates quite dramatically at this time – souls come and go or pass away – but Kuebiko remains quietly amongst us still, albeit maintaining the normal low profile….it’s just their way and not anything untoward. We will make sure they receive your comment. Thank you.

      Thank you for kind thought on the artwork. I do what I can with the time I have and hope the artwork meets the author’s approval. I enjoy participating amongst such fascinating and creative people and sharing time chatting over a coffee.

      We hope you might venture this way again CB and like all friends of Raven’s 12 who bring their support and encouragement, we’ve a space marked out for you here should you do so. Pack a hamper if you call and share a picnic! Don’t be a stranger.

      Hoping all is well in the land of the maple leaf. Have a wonderful week ahead. Take care CB from VC.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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  6. At last Dewin I am catching up with the Ravens .. And this post brought so many images to mind by Kuebiko.

    I often wonder why it is people react as they do to those who tip a pittance of a coin into a hat, to those in obvious need.. When there are those who perform Street Art in golden paint who stand motionless whose pose gathers the crowds with camera in hand.. Who collect pound coins.. Then off they go to get in their posh cars at the end of a beach road somewhere to live the life of luxury..

    Could it be we are put to shame ( like the councillors of our borough who are saying we do not have a homeless problem in our area ) As we turn away, hoping that the drama of the homeless goes away.

    I do not know the answers.. But Keubiko has got his act spot on with his observations..
    And should be commended for his part in bringing it to our attention..
    He gets my applause.. And if I were to come across such a solo act..
    He could be sure of a hot drink and a bite to eat given him from a Dreamers Hand..

    Many thanks for sharing Kuebiko and Dewin for you amazing interpretation in art-form


  7. And Here I am back to the comments I left all the way back in May.. so I will not repeat what I said here and what I said on previous posts..
    I have enjoyed catching up here with Raven’s 12 Dewin..
    Have a beautiful rest of the day and weekend..

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