Call To Arms

Science suggests millions of years ago just one ‘seed of light’ springing forth from a sea of potential was all it took for the creation of the Universe. From this initial event new worlds came into being, and new life emerged from out of the darkness.

And so it can be that way again in 2017: whereby small seeds of light emerging from out of the silence and solitude of Homelessness can illuminate the hearts and minds of people and far more importantly highlight deficiencies in the competency of the UK Government who fail to manage Homelessness either effectively or humanly. Homeless people are suffering daily, and some also dying on UK streets, as consequence of Government Policies, an ineffective, prejudice  and woefully underfunded Social Security System, and pitiful despicable neglect by the UK Government who have an overarching responsibility to extend a duty of care to every citizen within the UK. The Homeless are not being considered either fairly or reasonably or if indeed at all, and neither is adequate funding or provision being made for those most needing help and support within our communities. A citizen in the UK in 2017 should not be Homeless: there can be no compromise to that expectation.

Gallybloggers originate from Wales, UK, and it is our pleasure to facilitate opportunity for the Homeless: to give them a small voice in a noisy uncaring and ignorant world. The work we present is submitted by the Homeless we meet daily throughout the Towns and Cities across Wales.  Here on Gallybloggers we offer a reader a very different, innovative and creatively varied perspective on Homelessness for them to consider, cogitate, deliberate, and digest. Those who write and submit to Gallybloggers do so wholeheartedly believing in what we do and in what we would like to achieve by giving voice and opportunity for expression to those who are walked-over by society and passed-by everyday on our streets and empty shop doorways. It is a absolute tragedy to witness suffering, fear, pain, anxiety, desperation, and on occasion even yearning for death. It is time for the UK Government (indeed all Governments throughout the World) to wake up and take immediate positive action to resolve Homelessness on the streets of the UK.

Gallybloggers are humble souls and their Blog a reflection of that facet of them: a small blog turning cogs, moving other bigger cogs, turning larger mechanisms, setting change upon the agenda, and needless, pointless, wicked austerity upon the cold slab. To promote Homelessness as a issue widespread throughout the UK, and the World, Raven’s 12 are throwing open the doors for submissions from all Homeless individuals who would like to express themselves in a poem or short-piece of prose and have their work published here on Gallybloggers for the whole world to see. It is a Call To Arms! A time for poets and artists from the Homeless Communities throughout Wales and the UK to wield their quills with honesty expressing their personal feelings on topics surrounding Homelessness. I look forward to them being honest and unmerciful both in reach and depth of thoughtfulness and in the impact their work will have on public opinion.

As Dewin Nefol, I get to see the smiles, the joy, and the tears in the eyes of those whose work is appreciated and generously commented upon here on Gallybloggers by some very beautiful people across the world. To see someone who believes they have nothing to offer anyone in life light up like a Roman Candle with a smile reaching ear-to-ear stirs me to tears every time. For me personally, it is those moments that make Gallybloggers what it is: not just a Blog to read, it represents real experiences endured by real people that I have met and spoken with and got to befriend as well: a delightful pleasure it is as well.  Gallybloggers is their personal voice, always very raw, very real, often painful and bloody, always earthy, and relentlessly alive forever persisting, resisting and existing with sincere and honest endeavour, solid Faith and an assured Belief in a better world for one and all, for all and one, for always. Love and Peace.

God Bless. Namaste 🙂

Dewin Nefol and Raven’s 12

With sincere thanks and lasting friendship to John Fioravanti at Fiora Books


~Please submit all poems short-pieces of writing, and Artwork to the following email address. Please also include a Scarecrow’s name together with that of the submitting author. Can’t wait! Thank you ~


~ Photography/Artwork ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol: ~



22 thoughts on “CALL TO ARMS!

  1. Reblogged this on Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti and commented:

    Homelessness is a blight upon civilization and should not exist at all. Dewin Nefol of Wales, UK, spends much of his spare time working with the Homeless. Nefol created the Gallybloggers website to showcase the poetry and prose of the Homeless in the hope that someday, financial assistance and greater social and political awareness will be awakened. I have committed myself to help Dewin Nefol in this great cause. I urge you to consider helping as well.

    You can contact me privately through the CONTACT page on this site or contact Dewin himself.

    Thank you!

    John Fioravanti, Fiora Books

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    1. Greeting Good Sir John of Ontario!

      How the devil are you kind sir? Well we hope and thriving, nay flourishing in the late summer sunshine 🙂 Welcome back to Gallybloggers here in the heart of Wales, UK.

      Your sterling words and tremendous gesture of on-going support and encouragement has elevated our spirits and truly given all at Gallybloggers a sense of real purpose to what we do and what we are all about. Your generosity is but one small part to many aspects of you that are visible to all in life, but Gallybloggers have also quickly come to understand that there is a well of Spirited Love within you that has underpinned the friendship and support shared and mutually benefitted from. Raven’s 12 and the full cast of Gallybloggers are very moved indeed to have you on-board our team and immeasurably grateful to be able to call you a true friend of scarecrows.

      With all sincerity and warmest regards, thank you Sir John for being a Knight in shining armour for the Homeless. Welcome to the Gallybloggers Round Table and the banquet always served as a feast…it’s where we ride the whizz of the Wizard Merlin who is always wiz us! 🙂

      God Bless John, sincerely, thank you. Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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    1. Behold! The Mighty Sir Opher of The North!

      Greetings Sir Knight, how wonderful to have you seated also at the Gallybloggers Round Table 🙂

      We were thrilled indeed to receive confirmation from you of intention to serve The Raven and his merry number of Scarecrows… and thus by extension the full cast of Gallybloggers and the Homeless here in beautiful green and vibrant Wales, UK 🙂

      We have only had brief opportunity to parlay but already we feel enlivened and spirited by your involvement with us here at Gallybloggers. It was good Sir John whose friendship with you brought your name readily and regularly into our conversations, and subsequently you into the Gallybloggers fold. We are immeasurably grateful Sir Opher to receive your support and encouragement, and to have the full weight of The Mighty Sir Opher an ever-present benevolent shadow alongside us. Thank you very much indeed Sir.

      We look forward to working together with you with great anticipation, knowing that a gentleman such as yourself will bring tremendous encouragement and energy to Gallybloggers and assist us in fulfilling our objectives. We shall be in email contact with you again shortly.

      Until next time Sir Opher…mount that mighty stead good Knight and ride it like a Herald on the four-winds to the far flung corners of Eden’s enchanted Earth! And rock on dude!

      God Bless. Namaste 🙂

      Dewin Nefol and Raven’s 12


  2. Homelessness is widespread across the U.S. as well, Dewin. People in power have turned a blind eye and closed their hearts to their fellow human beings. This seems worse nowadays because we are going through a transformation, where the patriarchy is dying and rearing its head for one last stand. Let us hold positive energy in our hearts and continue our good works, which you do so amazingly well here on GallyBloggers. Love and hugs to you, dear sweet soul 💜

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      1. Greetings Fairy Lady Tina, Namaste 🙂

        Aww 🙂 Thank you! How wonderful to see you again 🙂 We trust you are well dear friend, our Lady of Purple Hearts, and life finds you joyous in heart, illuminated like a firework and sparking like a arcing rod.

        You’ve a well of tender kindness in your heart Tina from which you draw and nourish all of us here. We are touched by your gentleness, reassured by your support, and moved by your words and sentiments, thank you…your treasured comments brought giggles and laughter, and small chuckles that bubbled and popped and put twinkles in happy eyes, big smiles on cracked lips, and hissing laughter bursting out through toothless grins 😀 I still find it amusing to watch the faces of one or two when I share tales of comments and poetry success: some understand or express themselves outwardly, others, perhaps a little more reserved, new to the streets, else a little bewildered, smile appreciatively and move on to the next topic 🙂 It’s a sweet and sincere reaction, albeit done and over in a flash. I think such a reaction also displays their outlook: it being one centred entirely on the immediacy of their lives. What may have come and gone moments ago is now gone for good and only the next immediate moment is important…there is no sense of continuation or permanency. Having moved myself 50 times throughout the UK, I have not yet met any other social group who are so actively present in the current moment. I wonder at this phenomenon and understand it as being the Homeless Way, also the Poet’s Way and the Artist’s Way…it is about embracing the shock and awe of every second: about active sensation and physicality, about dream state and reality, and all facets being present in the sweep of one all-encompassing gaze that sees the ‘mis-en-scene’ rather than component parts. Seeing with heightened sensation’ is probably a fitting phrase. The Homeless I have met and befriended have a visionary gaze quite unlike most people. A conversation this morning with a friend called Paul brought up the subject of the tree in front of us. Paul explained to me that he knows it is a tree, but his perception of it is a poetry that describes the illuminated magic of nature: he sees it as a flourished, vibrant, energetic, alive entity, an object of love shimmering light and radiant, not like an aura, more a soft hazy glow…a vision as if seen through a soft focus. Perfect eyesight for a poet I thought, what a gift…I offered them small change for the gift they had only to be told you have to do the hard yards in life before you earn your wings. Well that told me! 🙂

        Thank you so very much indeed for re-blogging 🙂 The Scarecrows get ever more excitable when news arrives of ‘success’ on the other side of the Atlantic! I think the challenge is set for someone to not only be successful but also achieve conquest lol 🙂 One or two have already started betting on ‘like’s received. I think it is adorable, their interest is infectious, their fascinating intense but fleeting 🙂 It is the Homeless Way…which sounds a great title for a poem.

        Homelessness must be kept topical and ever present in the public eye. With numbers growing daily Homelessness is not an issue that is going away or that can be hidden, secreted, or moved on by law enforcement. Homelessness is a global concern: the last occasion when a World Census was attempted was ‘2005 by the United Nations when an estimated 100 million people were homeless worldwide. As many as 1.6 billion people lacked adequate housing (Habitat, 2015).’ (1) These figures are a little old now, but it is obvious I think that the numbers have risen. These statistics are shocking evidence of wilful neglect by government policies that are not inclusive and therefore do not extend a duty of care to all equally. It is shameful in this day and age that our species perpetuates tradition by remarketing it using a different word when essentially it is the same redundant discriminating governance that has always existed. So yes indeed Lady Tina, it is certainly time for change on a global sale, a full reversal of poles…the removal of Patriarchy and the establishment of Matriarchy. Only then will Love and Compassion be first amongst a list of words on the governments ‘to do’ list and money find itself erased.

        It is imperative that the Homeless issue be made ever present in people’s lives: perhaps then through overwhelming public concern the causes behind Homelessness can identified and resolved, and Homelessness be permanently removed from our streets and societies.

        Thank you so much for wandering back into our field trailing your purple hearts and bringing your warmth Love and company to share with us here. Take care in all ways always.

        God Bless, Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

        (1) ~

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    1. Warmest greetings Fair Lady Tina, Namaste 🙂

      Lady Tina walking beside us in our field, and there from the very start: what more could scarecrows and a Raven ever ask for? Thank you for sharing the kindness and warmth of your Love and loving support. Gallybloggers had been reliant on kindness since its conception, and people have been generous in supporting our honest intentions. You have supported us with kindness and indeed encouraged others to participate on the same compassionate level, that of the heart. Of course there is a seat at our picnic table, Lady Tina 🙂

      Yes indeed, the tragedy of Homelessness is not confined to any geographical area. It is a global phenomenon, the consequence of lives being displaced by capitalist greed and government policy that is bought and sold and traded for self-interest and personal reward as opposed to demonstrating effective compassionate leadership and practicing inclusivity not discrimination and blatant dismissal of human life for money. Every act carried out with the intention of serving the godless god of money is an act deviating from the path of Love, which is the true ground state of being human. The inevitable consequences of capitalism is that is has to eventually die: when people have no more money left having already been fleeced by a world centred on greed, where then does capitalism head if not down a big black hole in which it can gladly revel amongst the slime, the snakes and the sewage found at the very bottom.

      Transformation cannot come quick enough. People are dying on the streets and in empty shop doorways around the world and Governments are doing little or nothing about the problem. Indeed, it would appear credible to suggest they are exacerbating the problem by continuing to ignore it despite a plethora of evidence to determinedly say otherwise. In the face of such overwhelming evidence, Governments who want to ignore desperate social issues now do so knowingly, wilfully, and with intent to dismiss their responsibilities to the people of the world. There are words to describe such deliberate neglect of people, and language that could be satisfactorily projected at world leaders who are like ostriches and bury their heads behind patsies and propaganda. And yes, this is the end of Patriarchy: the insatiable male appetite for domination and enforcement through violence and suffering. Yes Lady Tina, the world needs lessons in Divine Feminine Principles, that all begin and end with Love.

      Gallybloggers is a small group of Homeless individuals who stand together in what they believe in and what they support. Humble souls who know life from a perspective many will never know or understand. They are readily dismissed because society doesn’t understand Homelessness, it fears it, yet everyone buys into a monetary system that exacerbates the issue whilst further stratifying society creating widening division. Gallybloggers demonstrates that these people have a vision that challenges the world view, contravenes expectation and perception of Homelessness and gives rise to thought and personal reflection. We hope that the more people who read and share Gallybloggers the more who will stand and support our cause, our intentions, and our objective to raise awareness around the Homeless issue and deliver a mechanism to change hearts and minds in the public, and more importantly in the eyes of Government.

      Thank you for sharing ‘Call To Arms!’ across social networks. How thrilling it would be if interest radiated outwards from your generous share and brought friends to our field in support. We are grateful for sharing our site as you have. You are a Star ❤

      Love and gratitude from all of us here at Gallybloggers, and a hug from the Raven as well. Lucky you! lol 🙂

      Brightest Blessings, God Bless. Namaste :

      DN and Raven's 12

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  3. Reblogged this on TINA FRISCO and commented:
    When will we humans understand that to turn a blind eye to those in need is to turn a blind eye to ourselves? When will we come to know ~ Know with a capital K ~ that we are all one?

    Gallybloggers is an online forum for authors who are Homeless. Dewin Nefol, creator of the site, states: Those who write and submit to Gallybloggers do so wholeheartedly believing in what we do and in what we would like to achieve by giving voice and opportunity for expression to those who are walked-over by society and passed-by everyday on our streets and empty shop doorways.”

    I’m reblogging this today in the hope that many of you will follow Gallybloggers, comment on their outstanding posts, and share their brilliant works ❤

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    1. Greetings Tina, Namaste 🙂

      Beautiful in heart and soul and burning as a lantern for others to follow, we are blessed by your friendship, thank you very much indeed. Your words are tremendously encouraging, indeed news will travel quickly when the Gallybloggers are told that words such as outstanding and brilliant have warmed the pages of their Blog-site. They will be over the moon with a sparking sense of worth…their words read, their voice heard, their heart touched somehow and embers of self-confidence and self-worth flicker a little. They will laugh, they always laugh when I speak with them: laughter is their currency, well that and good stories and tall tales, and your comments will make them all millionaires in their hearts 🙂 Thank you for miles of smiles good friend.

      Love and Peace. God Bless. Namaste ❤

      DN and Raven’s 12

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      1. 🙂 And as always we would be delighted to receive your company, break-bread (or a sandwich lol) and share our love with you. Three purple hearts to adorn the field gate, to be seen by every visitor who passes our way. We think they would demonstrate perfectly who and what we are, and reflect our princely status in society – we may not have much, in fact nothing at all, but a Scarecrow will always make you feel welcome, bless you for your kindness, and always wish you well on your way. How many strangers do you meet in everyday life who do the same with any degree of natural sincerity? When you are Homeless, every act is done with Love and gratitude, every thank you a prayer.

        Our picnic is your picnic. There’s plenty of Love to share.

        God Bless. Namaste ❤


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      2. “Laughter is their currency”… Such a beautiful epithet. Dear friend Dewin, saying my words will encourage is the highest praise you could bestow upon me. My heart is full, knowing I have touched another in this way. Love, peace, and blessings, dear one, to you and Ravens 12 💜

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      3. Greetings Lord Dewin, Namaste ❤

        Thank you so much for your beautiful and enlightening comment, and for taking the time to grace my blog with it as well. I have read it twice in order to take in all that it offers.

        The Homeless have so much to teach us, the least of which not being to live in the present moment. Abiding so close to nature, they miss very little of all She has to offer. Would that all of humanity be so fortunate…

        The Homeless Way is indeed a wonderful title for a poem, one I hope you will write. Your pen touches The Divine when you put it to paper.

        I agree that Homelessness must be kept topical and ever present in the public eye. I hope my small service here on my blog will benefit. We are all homeless within ourselves when we detach from our sisters and brothers by ignoring their existence.

        Thank you for giving us the link to the Homeless World Cup Foundation. I will share it on all of my social network pages, along with the link to Gallybloggers.

        My love and good wishes to Raven’s 12, the full cast of Gallybloggers, and to you, my dear friend 💜💜💜


      1. As TIna Frisco commented, homelessness is rising in America – and our current administration doesn’t seem to care, even for those struggling with PTSD after fighting (supposedly) for our freedom.

        Still, to respond with anger and despair only increases those emotions in the world we share. As “woo-woo” as it might sound to anyone struggling for basics that need to be available to every person on the planet, we can only overcome hatred and neglect by their opposites: love and attention. I offer both to you and to your site.
        (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
        ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
        “It takes a village to transform a world!

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      2. Greetings Madelyn, Namaste 🙂

        We are a little overwhelmed by your esteemed company but immensely grateful to receive your support, your generosity and kindness. Thank you very much indeed for your Love and attention. We are warmed by your kindness and deeper understanding, thank you Madelyn.

        Your validation of our objectives is a tremendous show of support, your qualification to express with highly-informed opinion topics concerning Mental Health is absolutely priceless and so very timely. Mental Health is fundamental and key to any discussion centring on Homelessness and the causes of it. The UK Charity MIND, suggest that 1 in 4 people will experience some form of mental health issue in their life. This is a huge number of people and most obviously includes those Homeless whose capacity may be challenged by personal situation and circumstances arising from neglect in other areas of life. Homeless amongst us are those with conditions such as Autism, Dyslexia, Depression, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Eating Disorders, together with Alcoholism and Drug-addiction.
        With specific reference to the UK, understanding Mental Health as a disabling component of one’s overall health is vital when individuals are medically assessed for Social Security. If a similar system prevails in America as it does here where evidence is building to suggest assessments for welfare are not considerate to mental health as a disabling factor determining inability for work, and restriction of welfare applied to fulfil government policy. It is a most concerning issue when the consequences of very poor, ill-prepared and ill-fitting assessments being conducted on the most vulnerable in society result in heightened states of anxiety, exacerbation of underlying health conditions, and generally disturb to leave deepened pain and discomfort and prevailing sense of un-necessary unsettlement in people. Human life now carries a dollar sign nothing more and human beings are either categorised as ‘resource’ for exploitation, or perceived as ‘drain on economies’. The truth is money rules the deluded world of man and all must bow down to the godless gods who rule us. That is what has to change, all else will then follow.

        We applaud your perspective Madelyn on how anger only breeds anger and resentment. The concept of Love is not a commodity regularly understood, exchanged or freely given without desire for something in return. Love is many things and perhaps far easier to determine by what it is not rather than by what it is. The human capacity to experience Love: both give and receive Love is infinite, and when one experiences moments given to an act of love there is a physiological elevating of ‘spirit’…one feels happier somehow. An act of Love isn’t about self-gratification, its about giving a little bit of one’s energy away to someone in some way shape or form…the dollar given to a Homeless person is both personal sacrifice and free choice, we pass on that Loving thought in the gift given, but we also pass on all the energy we invested to ‘earn’ or acquire that dollar. That energy is lost to us but returns two-fold in the act of giving: the warmth we call Love. What one might take away with them from such an exchange is a memory of childhood and opening a Christmas present on the morning of December 25th 🙂 Certainly the smiles I see on the faces of the Homeless whose work is well received here is just as appealing.

        Once again Madelyn, will all sincerity thank you again for Love and attention. We are blessed for receiving such a show of kindness and consideration and comforted by your company and friendship.

        God Bless. Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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      3. What a heartfelt and wonderful response to my comment. Thank you.

        Yes, that 1 in 4 number has been reported by the World Health Organization as well. If it were a single disease claiming 25% of the population it would be considered a pandemic. Even the uber-rich are not immune. No amount of money can buy health – mental or physical.

        Still, lack of money for health care can certainly result in continued absence of mental health, many of which sufferers end up bloating our prisons. A cruel “solution” of course, but ALSO highly ineffective by any measure.

        Money can also fund RESEARCH into solutions, and provide the current comforts available while scientists hunt for more effective strategies.

        I don’t do what I do personally for ego self-gratification or reasons of pragmatics. HOWEVER, if the uber-rich would open up the paradigm under which they live, deluded though it may well be, they would make other choices, if only to benefit themselves.

        it would be obvious to their metrics/money obsessed minds that it would actually be:

        *cheaper* to handle the problem at its base, even if they are unable to get on board with “loving” as a motivation;

        * more effective as well as less expensive to provide housing and health-care than prisons;

        * healthier as well as cheaper to facilitate community food gardens than food banks full of empty calories to fill empty stomachs;

        * economically feasible for many more to go to work to change their circumstances if there were child-care options provided.

        I could go on, but I would be (as they say) “preaching to my own choir”, even though we are an ocean away from one another. It is no better here in America, despite what the current administration says in its “alternate facts” tweets and press soundbites, labeling those of us who CARE “damned liberals” rather than enlightened humanists.

        I appreciated your paragraphs on giving and receiving love. HOWEVER, gifts of loving need to be OPTIONAL, by definition – which also indicates that society as a whole must step up to help with basic support when and where it is needed.

        Namaste to you, my new friends. May we all hold the thought that change is in the wind and on its way. May it be a peaceful change.

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    1. Greetings Annabelle, Namaste 🙂

      Welcome indeed to Gallybloggers. An absolute delight to entertain a new guest, thank you so very much for support, friendly comment, and firm sense of encouragement. We hope you might stay a while and browse merrily. We also hope your share with the world will radiate outwards and bring more wonderful souls to our virtual Scarecrow field in show of support as well. Thank you indeed for best wishes and positive good luck with our endeavours: we here at Gallybloggers, and indeed those that befriend us like yourself share the same vision and objective: to raise awareness of Homeless issues through changing public perception of Homelessness and the many complex causes for it by illustrating through poetry the reality of the people who wear the Homeless banner.

      With gratitude for your support and kindness. We wish you good luck in your writing successes.

      God Bless. Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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  4. What you do here Dewin in giving those whose voices are so often never heard, a platform to share their wisdom through their amazing talents.. Is wonderful

    Too many walk past the homeless as if they are invisible.. And no one can possibly ever know what stories brought them to their homelessness.. And in today’s climate for many. It could be that one missed pay cheque could lead to homelessness.

    I admire what support workers do in working with these individuals Dewin..
    Working in support work myself with those who had learning difficulties, such as Autism and Down Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome etc.. I know only too well how the general public discriminate..

    Wishing all great success, And I hope many take up the challenge and contribute to this collection of great poets here with Raven’s 12..

    Blessings Sue


  5. . thank you indeed for best wishes and positivistic in force(p) circumstances with our endeavours: we here at Gallybloggers, and indeed those that befriend us like yourself percentage the same(p) sight and objective: to acclivity awareness of Homeless issues through changing public percept of homelessness and the many complex causes for it by illustrating through poesy the realism of the people who wearable the Homeless standard.

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