Gas Mask

The Remembrance Day Service in the United Kingdom will be held on November 12 this year.

In continuing to support ex-Service Personnel now Homeless, Gallybloggers are honoured to host their work: from those who have returned from active service overseas to the UK only to be disregarded and made to suffer by a failed government system that leaves numbers further traumatised and subject to conditions of poverty as a result of wilful neglect by local authorities. Gallybloggers published a poem on November 10 titled Crutch (1) that carried a story featured in a national newspaper highlighting Homelessness amongst ex-Service Personnel and supporting a national campaign called Homes For Heroes  (2) The newspaper article draws attention to the lack of funding available to authorities for the conversion of vacant properties in city centres and towns across the UK into homes and accommodation for the Homeless, and those arriving in the UK through political and religious persecution abroad. The newspaper also foregrounds the lack of enforcement of legislation by the UK government…the same government that sends soldiers to war and makes millions for doing so, and then turns its back on them when they return. Political arrogance incompetence and detachment from truth and reality are unjustifiable, an utter disgrace: the mentality of those making up government – the  privileged and the wealthy – is beset by self-gratification: a sensibility that will never understand what it is like to have to beg legless broken cold homeless and dying not on a battlefield but on the mean-streets of the UK.

Gallybloggers presents the second of three poems received for the Blog from friends knowing of our objective and supporting our sensibilities towards Remembrance Day. This called Yearning.

Love and Peace in Words and Deeds. God Bless. Namaste 🙂

DN and Raven’s 12


~ Yearning ~ By ~ Featherdown ~


Beneath hollow skies was where I died still choking back the gas,

Whilst hordes of screaming ghosts amassed within the smoke and falling ash

Within the mud within the trench within the stench of unholy war,

God-forsaken I’m dying for no reason I’m lying: dying still lying in the ideology of bloody war.


Around me they will find me amongst torn limbs and hymns, perhaps I’ll be burning

As comrades died yearning for God to take it away: for skies to turn blue,

For sunlight to break through, chastise us for wicked ways: for days spent killing

In fields unwilling weeping and filling with the blood of fallen and falling.


Guns roar evermore ferocious unabated, rockets fly missiles moan, targeted and weighted,

Waiting fully-loaded with a cocktail of loathing, delighted by screams bursting exploding

A cacophony of agony, a sad symphony of tragedy, an operatic soliloquy for Lucifer’s hell-born,

Hell spawn wickedly reigning: death falls raining down on God’s world below….will I be blessed when I die and go?


Behind gas-mask guise behind closed eyes, behind rehearsed lines quiet words are spoken,

My body is desperate and dying, hollow lying broken: a mere token of life before the bomb,

Before war proliferated a political game: nations shattered twisted and gone,

Humanity following the Black Swan song, down a river of Death towards Mass Destruction.


(1) –

(2) – The Daily Express Newspaper – February 2017 – ‘7,000 soldiers left to ROT on our streets: Today we demand HOMES FOR HEROES’ –

Artwork/Composition By Dewin Nefol:



9 thoughts on “YEARNING

    1. Namaste Tina 🙂

      Purple Heart becomes evermore poignant when set alongside remembrance of the brutality and futility of war. Your purple is always very uplifting 🙂 Thank you for sharing reflection on the poem. This weekend was a time for all human hearts to feel the pain of war and the suffering it inflicts on the world.

      I love to watch the starlings when they gather and flock together as one keenly assimilated group of individual birds. And then lift to take flight and weave the most intricate patterns through the air as one unit. Human beings do the same when a part of the world becomes damaged or when people die in large numbers. The essence of that tragedy ripples outwards across the world through hearts and minds and for one moment the world comes together in a collective to experience feelings of Love called compassion sympathy kindness and share the pain and discomfort of grief. People have such tremendous power when they are united by an experience of higher Love and flock together to take action as a group, as a force, as a united campaign. When then the ripples of tragedy fade or cease human programming takes over and we go back to differentiating ourselves one from another. Why do humans seem to forget the collective experience of love that united the world? Why doesn’t that sense of cohesion prevail to become a permanent capacity we recognise and absorb as an upgrade to standard form?

      Love is the Key to Global Unity and Peace.

      God Bless. Namaste ❤

      DN and Raven's 12

      Liked by 2 people

      1. The human species is still young, Dewin, but we are learning. The global women’s marches ~ in all 50 U.S. states and on all 7 continents ~ that took place the day following Trump’s inauguration are a testament to our growth. All were nonviolent, and all focused on unity and love. We are still feeling the effects here in the U.S., and I suspect the peoples of many other countries are feeling it as well. Donald Trump has done more than he’ll ever know to unite the people of the world. We tend to forget the collective experience of love, because necessity pulls us back into our personal experiences, where fear takes control. Although we must focus on the details of what demands changing, we also need to step back and witness the big picture. Both are equally crucial to the survival of the human species. And I have great hope for our continuance … Hugs, my friend, to you and all at Gallybloggers 💜💜💜

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    1. Namaste Master Jedi 🙂

      Greetings good sir. How are you this chilly eve?

      Featherdown has distilled deep sentiment within a potted history of war. The sense of deep loss, anger, grief, resentment and frustration carries the theme of tragedy buoyantly through the poem. The message is clear and concise. War is a grave already dug, it does not need filling with anything other than Love.

      Love is a powerful word when it writes with the quill of Featherdown 😉

      Love and Peace in Words and Deeds dude.

      God Bless. Namaste 🙂


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    1. Twice in one good friend, Namaste 🙂

      Thank you for re-blogging the poem with acknowledgement and direction towards the real sentiment underlying the poem. War brings death and suffering, and yet pockets of the world continue to battle seeking dominion over each other for political, religious, or financial gain…a trio bound together as a Trident poking the people of the world repeatedly by the powers that control these organisations. Billions of pounds changes hands through weapon sales around the world every year. These are financed by world banks and rich individuals and put into operation by governments, despots and tyrants. It is a despicable repeating cycle maintaining profits bound to an illusionary banking system controlled by an elite few who profit from death. There is no glory or moral victory ever to be found when murdering for money. War has brought about the deaths of millions of people throughout history and every year the world reflects and remembers and we are united in desire for no more war. It is a mentality that must remain fixed firmly in the forefront of people’s minds to instil this sense of feeling.

      Thank you for taking time away from Tatooine fighting Jabba The Hut lol 🙂

      Take care good friend of scarecrows.

      Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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