Blind Beggar

May Hoody

~ Blind Beggar ~ By ~ The Prophet ~


I met a blind beggar with an empty piss-pot,

‘Got any spare change mister ‘cos I ain’t got a lot.”

“Just these filthy ragged clothes and my shameful memories,”

“Days long past when I couldn’t grasp the meaning of immorality.”

“Or that I was the primary cause of the homeless tragedy.”


“I recognise you” I said, “aren’t you Theresa May?”

“I used to be,” said she and looked the other way.

“Then came the revolution and everything changed.”

“I’d tell ya my sad tale if only you’d stay.”

“Now ya know who I am, you’re gonna walk away.”


“Please,” she begged, “I’m blind: now I see the evil of my policies.”

“The needless suffering and the depravity,”

“The misery the poverty the destitution and anxiety.”

“The energetic brutality with which I raped the country,”

“So that I and the chosen few could satisfy our gluttony.”


“Woe woe and thrice woe” I said, “how the mighty have fallen.”

“Out of favour out of grace tumbled to the very bottom.”

“Yet sadly for you your legacy isn’t quite forgotten.”

“So I’d love to put money in your stinking piss-pot,”

“But ‘cos of you I’m homeless too and I ain’t got a lot.”


~ Art Composition ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

~ Image of Theresa May composited from various images available via Google Search ~



8 thoughts on “Blind Beggar

    1. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda PSJ, Namaste 🙂

      Thank you for an elegant comment and show of firm support for Gallybloggers. We trust all is well and the New Year off to a flyer. Great to have you pass by good friend.

      We also considered The Prophet’s poem visionary: although realistically there is a sense of certain inevitability about what they see for the future. There will be far-reaching consequences as a result of the governance by heinous fools, those hell-bent on promoting base ideals through policies that are myopic, self-serving, self-satisfying, deceiving, conniving wicked and just plain evil . Theresa May and her slaughtering band of wolves are an utter disgrace to the human race and must be removed from power before their hand kills anymore people in the UK. The policies they have instigated have negatively affected the vast majority of citizens within the UK whilst positively assisting the rich, the gross, and the arrogant and bloody minded. There will be revolution as a consequence of Theresa May’s evil: we all here at Gallybloggers hopes she will truly suffer as a consequence of being toppled from power. The poem by The Prophet whilst visionary hints at something of the loathing and hate the UK population have for Theresa May, herself a money-grabbing greedy, ignorant, blind and lying millionaire. For her and the government ( and I use that term very loosely) there will be a day of reckoning for each and everyone of them who have put names to policies that have killed innocent people and abused the innocence and childhood of children. Theresa May is a wicked woman, fallen from Grace, who will never be permitted into Heaven: she can remain the Devil’s bint.

      It is concerning that the UK have such limited options for replacing the tatty Tories. A socialist government would certainly help alleviate immediate concerns with reinvestment back into the NHS, Schools, Hospitals and House Building. What is also inevitable – we are talking about politicians and governments – is the propensity for further political greed and self-serving attitudes to prevail. Democracy in the UK is not democratic, it is tyranny whereby successive governments fulfil the expectations of their investors in politics: those capitalist driven enterprises and shady bankers who ‘buy’ political assurances and favours for themselves rather than invest in the government per se and have them spend on the masses. A Labour government will start to put things right in the UK, but ultimately nothing will change because power-bases must be preserved at all costs so that elitism and social stratification can continue as the controlling factor for all things. It is essential criminal and immoral, woefully neglecting of the UK citizens and wholly inadequate and unacceptable any longer to the people of the world. It is not just the UK that requires urgent social revolution: the whole world would benefit by removing the power from individuals and presenting it back to the people. The scum who consider themselves above the rest of us because they have a bob or two will struggle in the new regime and disappear in the New World Order, and we hope that disappear for good back to the pond from where they spawned.

      Thank you for comments on the image PSJ. Dewin really did very little to the image itself other than give it a hoody. The ugliness – the stark contrasting, the soulless eyes, the arrogant set jaw, the cold uninterested look of dispassionate disinterest: these killer attributes are all her own .

      As the New Year begins we all at Gallybloggers live in hope of major change coming very, very quickly. If it doesn’t the UK will see the end of the NHS, and the privatization of all major public services: and you can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be cutbacks then and more people dying as a consequence of profiteering and capitalist greed. Profits will totally replace the worth of a human life. What defence other than major social revolution do the people of the world have left to them now bastard governments have robbed them, abused them and diminished their lives.? The mighty worm has only now to turn and bite like Lion.

      Thank you again for calling PSJ. Sincere best wishes for the New Year: one that we all hope will bring the very best of health, happiness and good luck to you. Thank you for being a friend of scarecrows 🙂

      Love and World Peace. Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

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  1. Happy New Year Anitashree, Namaste 🙂

    A new friend of scarecrows is always most welcome, thank you for venturing into our lowly field and hangin’ a while with the homeless scarecrows here at Gallybloggers. Your support is most welcome, thank you.

    I have the joyous task of managing the Gallybloggers site on their behalf and as such often have to relay messages and comments back to the poets who pen them: the vast majority of the homeless who have participated here at Gallybloggers do not have mobile phones or access to the internet. I do my best to meet up with all of them, but theirs is a transient life and sometimes it is inevitable that our paths will not cross again. Elsewise I relay everything back and delight in doing so if only to see smiles on faces and twinkles in eyes. That is the reward for friendship and enjoyment of their company that I derive. As such I will pass your comments on: they will be delighted their work has been viewed and appreciated. They will also be pleased to know their sentiment and vision is a shared experience amongst the readership.: indeed we all see what Theresa May is either deliberately not acknowledging because she has an exclusive agenda or she is blind through sheer ignorance, arrogance and its associated bliss. I mean let’s be quite honest: the PM doesn’t use public services so why should she really give a damn anyway? All politicians come out of their jobs richer and fatter, and detached from mainstream life: or perhaps that should be remain hidden from public view for fear of reprisals for signing off policies that have exacerbated Homelessness, increased levels of child poverty, and caused thousands to take their own lives through the brutal delivery, diminishment and sanction practices of the UK Social Security system. Their regime has brought despair to thousands and continues in that vein to destroy infrastructure in preparation for privatisation. If and when the Tory agenda reaches fruition, that will be when the public seek to take back what was stolen, but by then it will be far to late and the damage will have been all-consuming. Capitalism will destroy society in the end as more and more wealth is placed into the hands of individuals leaving the overarching majority with a pittance: and nothing spare for the Theresa piss pot: she who will fall far when those she has stolen from seek wealth redistribution and take it all away.

    As Gallybloggers have said elsewhere before: Theresa May exit stage Left and close the front door behind you else gird your loins for what is to come.

    We hope you will call again Anitashree and leave another kind wee comment to brighten a smile on a homeless poet’s face. Sincere Best Wishes for the New Year: may it bring all that you want and need. Take care of you and one and all.

    Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂

    DN and Raven’s 12

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  2. Thank you, Prophet, for sharing your gripping poem on retribution. Knowing that whatever we give is returned threefold ~ that the boomerang always returns to the hand that threw it ~ is small comfort regarding the avaricious power elite; yet it is comfort nonetheless. They will be held accountable for their heinous deeds. Knowing this does not release those of us who are able from doing all we can to alleviate suffering. And you, dear friend Dewin, are a tenacious beacon of hope 💜💜


  3. Reading the comments here Dewin. I agree with your replies and your words here
    “It is not just the UK that requires urgent social revolution: the whole world would benefit by removing the power from individuals and presenting it back to the people”


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