Networking Nature

May the Haven of the Ravens

Bestow glow upon your Crows.

May They show you to an open door?

From where your Scarecrow flows.


Welcome to Gallybloggers, the virtual home of Raven’s 12, a place we endearingly call The Pasture. It is here that our merry number strive to survive the hardships of homelessness by writing prose and poem, short-story and flash fiction, which expresses personal sentiment, personal reflection, observation, ideas, notions, philosophies, wishes, dreams, desires, pains, heartaches, and above all else the authors personal truth. All submissions featured across this site are those penned by the Homeless throughout Wales and the UK. As a group of like-minded souls, we share one common vision, and that to challenge stereotypical perception of the Homeless: in particular the often prejudiced and/or discriminatory (world) view that people living Homeless lives are hollow, somehow in someway deficient as human beings else they’d participate  within mainstream society. Homelessness is however highly complex in the reasons and motivations why it exists at all: Gallybloggers do not profess to have answers, we merely present opportunity here to provide personal opinion and personal statement, both rhetorical and otherwise. Their voices singing here are those eagerly wanting to be heard yet are often not listened to at all.

Gallybloggers facilitates an opportunity for the Homeless to have a small voice in a noisy world. Our work offers something different to cogitate, deliberate, and digest. We believe in what we do and what we are: a humble Blog, a small cog turning other cogs, turning larger mechanisms, setting change upon the agenda, and austerity upon the cold slab.

Gallybloggers would be absolutely delighted to receive comments, feedback and suggestions, and most of all your support, your kindness, and the presence of your compassionate spirits ever amongst us in The Pasture.

The gate to our virtual field is always open: our casa is your casa, our field your field of dreams a well. Come sit with us for a while, enjoy the vista of Homeless Scarecrows and a Raven.

Gallybloggers would dearly welcome all submissions from the UK or far and wide, from Homeless people across the world who wish to pen a line or two and have it published for the others to enjoy.

In anticipation of your readership, thank you from the hearts and minds of Gallybloggers.

God Bless. Namaste 🙂

DN and Raven’s 12


~ Raven’s 12 ~ By ~ Gallybloggers ~


A rum crow of 12 are we,  called the Raven’s Dozen.

Gallybloggers one and all: this our home for discussion! 

Hodmedod’s Bwbachs and Mawkins, Mommets Minstrels Hay-Men. 

Writing freely with Loving scare, with a beggars Loving pen.


No leaders have we,  for none are led,

Raven’s 12 is One Dozen, it is said,.

And agreed upon by all,  for One means all,

And all means One, else we’d never get our day’s work done.


In our Poetic Society, in our world of poem and prose.

Grows our humble Blog, each poem a rose that knows,

Crafted uniquely, by the Homeless souls,

From within whom poetry flows.


Our rum crew of 12 encouraging poetry,

From city streets the Homeless there-in you see.

And publish their work here on WP,

A little buzz to help set them free.


Raven’s 12 trade beverage for each poem acquired,

Or food of affordable cost.

Where money might tempt or be quickly squandered,

‘Tis nourishment the Homeless want the most.


Our idea is so simple to emulate.

One we encourage heartedly for all.

Both for those Blogging already perhaps?

Or those would like to do something cool.


Should others take an active part,

And set-up a Scarecrow’s Site,

I hope your Community flourishes,

And the Homeless shine their Light.


WordPress offers a wonderful framework for one small poem to be read and aired then shared, then read again and aired again, then read again even louder.

A life lived and experienced by the Homeless and distilled by pleasure pain and passion into small words, is the poetry of a soulful sole walking. 

Thank you for reading, supporting, applauding where prompted, else enjoying the feast on offer at our ‘Beggar’s Banquet.’

God Bless. Namaste 🙂

~ Raven’s 12 ~


Raven’s 12 will strive to uphold the virtues of Responsible Blogging.

We will not publish words deemed ill-fitting or mindless, or those in breach

of Wordpress etiquette.


Copyright: Dewin Nefol, Raven’s 12 and Gallybloggers – 2017. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of Gallybloggers name, material (text or image) without express, written permission from this Blog’s authors and/or owners are strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Gallybloggers, Raven’s 12 or Dewin Nefol with appropriate and specific direction to the original content here on Gallybloggers, or published elsewhere by Dewin Nefol or Raven’s 12 ~

Contact details provided, please use them freely. We will endeavour to respond to all emails. Thank you.

~ Diolch ~



14 thoughts on “ABOUT RAVEN’S 12

  1. Hey Shree,

    Welcome to Gallbloggers!

    Thank you very much for following trails from Linda’s psychic crossing hopping popping over the great puddle stopping commenting and following as well! Thank you.

    I hope you continue to enjoy a slice from the homeless cornucopia. Each entry a sweetly fallen fruit fresh for your delectation.

    Kindness and gratitude are ours to freely give.
    Your kindness is already given.
    Thank you.

    With our gratitude always.

    Namaste 🙂


    Thank you Linda Litebeing: https://litebeing.com/2017/03/12/crossing-over-the-psychic-highway.


    1. Hey Sue,

      Thank you very much indeed for providing your support and comradeship. An esteemed friend and rightful legend here on WordPress, it is a delight to welcome you on-board Sue Dreamwalker.

      Raven’s 12 believe the concept for Gallybloggers is inspiring both for them and for others like them, an opportunity to participate in the larger world, find small space for a little grace to pen a line or two. Jason who conceived Gallybloggers is somehow a visionary, a scarecrow of unimpeachable ascent, and a fellow feather collector to boot. I’ve seen him handing out many a whittled wand as he wanders a Ragger Man.

      So happy to have you visit Sue. A patch in our field is always waiting for the scarecrow in you.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And that indeed is an honour Dewin.. 🙂

        I may have a poem I wrote many a year ago now as I saw young people turning to aerosol I to get high on… If you would be interested in that I will provide a link here so you can read..

        And regards to Jason.. Any feather collector and whittler of wands is always welcome within the Dreamwalker Sanctuary. 🙂

        Blessings Sue

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey Sue,

        Jason already knows a well-trodden track to your wonderful site Sue. When I tell him he now has an open invitation to visit and sit a while in the walled garden sunshine of your blog, sharing a cup of tea or two, sweetly sugared, caringly stirred, swopping tall tales and telling taller rhymes, he will merrily amused. No doubt he’d leave a whittled feather somewhere in your comments box. Trading feathers is all part of the tale told.

        The link to the poem would be mot appreciated. Please leave it here, we will share it willingly, thank you. Raven’s 12 understand addiction, but do not condemn or judge others who may be addicted. Raven’s 12 escape with poetry and words…it is our addiction. In much the same way Raven’s 12 hope others will also find a little room to breath whilst also writing and sharing themselves here.

        Homelessness may sometimes be a form of habitual addiction. On occasion it remains a safe way of living, a life uncomfortable to ever leave behind. When being Homeless is a state spanning 30 years of one’s life, it is all some really know, understand and trust.

        Our sincere thanks Sue for contribution and kindly comment.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Never would I abuse those with addiction.. Its seeing what drives to that addiction. No one knows until they have walked anthers road .. I will go find the short link so you can read, and Judge for yourselves..

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hey Sue,

        Sincerely, thank you for the link. Both an excellent read and a harrowing truth…a fair commentary on aspects of our society. You write with knowing Sue, and we read of your experience in care provision on your site. Thank you for having depth of understanding…your poem presents a tender perspective, thank you.

        Homelessness and errant, transient behaviour are regrettably symptomatic of deeper social problems and family dysfunction. We have younger friends who feel far safer living Homeless than they ever might staying with parents or guardians who don’t parent or guard. They repeatedly abuse. Extreme loneliness and isolation are two complex motivators driving some individuals to seek escapism, else nullify the pain.

        The closing words of your poem…

        For the children of today, are the adults of tomorrow.
        To love and protect, to keep them from sorrow.
        Head bent in jeans was just one of a few.
        Pray to God it never happens to you.

        With warm wishes and best wishes for the weekend. Take care Sue, and thank you again for the poetry of caring.

        Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Such an interesting and innovative way to blog. I’m loving the concept of trading help for poetry, it certainly allows creative voices to sing in an otherwise silent stream: and gives a value to voices that need to heard. I’m looking forward to seeing where the words take us 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Ginni,

      Another welcome for another welcome return…almost a regular today Ginni, thank you. We are always delighted.

      Your interest and appreciation of what we are trying to achieve with Gallybloggers is hearteningly encouraging. Of course we share your considerate thoughts, thank you. An exchange of energies is our currency….trading a little compassion and care for poetry or artful statement and a scarecrow name. It is a fair trade, fairer still for the feathers writing words with keen tipped quills.

      Raven’s 12 have belief in our vision and purpose. Firm belief also in the worth of Gallybloggers as a framework, a window into hidden world’s. We seek only to encourage others to participate and share a small slice of themselves. The Blog with its growing content we hope will expand organically, fertilized by sweet Nature’s own.

      Contributions from the Homeless who our readers meet and wish to engage with will always be welcome. A contact email is available on this site, please provide the authors Scarecrow name, and geographical location. In anticipation of all contributions gratefully received, thank you.

      And thank you Ginni for walking paths following words always ending with new beginnings. Tis the nature of our Homeless trail.

      Take care all ways.

      Namaste 🙂

      DN and Raven’s 12

      Liked by 1 person

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