Raven’s 12 would be delighted to receive your comments or discuss further the poems featured. We would also very much welcome submissions by way of prose, poem, or flash-fiction from Homeless individuals throughout Wales and the United Kingdom. And of course our invitation extends world-wide beyond UK shores where Homelessness is a prevalent issue of growing concern.

Our objective is to challenge the preconceived often prejudice and discriminatory public view of those who are Homeless and living transient lives on UK streets. We offer a personal vision of Homelessness from street-level in words and sentiment submitted by those who are living transient lives. Gallybloggers believe that we have a voice loud enough to be heard and challenge the stereotypical view of the people behind the rags and grubby clothes who beg on UK streets to stay alive. We hope you will celebrate the work they publish here, and we would delight in receiving your comments, suggestions, or appreciation for our cause.

Raven’s 12 would like to take this opportunity to thank you in anticipation of your contact and the interest you have in Gallybloggers.

God Bless. Namaste 🙂

DN and Raven’s 12


A Note From John Fioravanti of Fiora Books :

 Homelessness is a blight upon civilization and should not exist at all. Dewin Nefol of Wales, UK, spends much of his spare time working with the Homeless. Nefol created the Gallybloggers website to showcase the poetry and prose of the Homeless in the hope that someday, financial assistance and greater social and political awareness will be awakened. I have committed myself to help Dewin Nefol in this great cause.

Please contact me directly via Dewin Nefol’s email address.

Thank you, Brightest Blessings

John Fioravanti