Happy Harry (Part 1)

~ Happy Harry (Part 1) ~ By ~ A Homeless Beggar ~ ~ Harry are you happy, are you happy Harry? Are you engaged and ready to marry? Well lucky, lucky you! It’ll be a posh do attended by the elite: aww how sweet, How sweet to be elite and hobnobbing with wealth, Whilst the UK government continues […]

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~ Requiem ~ By ~ Grace ~ ~ I’ve died a hundred times on cold city streets: a thousand times in my dreams, I’ve heard the requiem of death before, the Homeless who perpetually scream. I’ve witnessed sights no woman should see, both degradation and depravity: Murder of innocence, of Love and of Life, of the Homeless existing in everlasting strife, Put to the sword politically ignored by a […]

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‘Stoke-on-Trent council have been called ‘callous’ for proposing penalty notices in city centre followed by court appearance and fine.’ These the words of the Guardian in response to a proposal by Stoke-on-Trent Council to serve penalties on the Homeless in their City. Not only absurd but entirely despicable: those who have absolutely nothing are to be fined […]

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Wings of Change

Regrettably Gallybloggers have been unable to post a poem written especially for the site on Remembrance Day. I apologise sincerely on our behalf and with all possible good intention hope to be able to blog the poem as soon as possible. In its stead, and without an accompanying image, Gallybloggers asked if I were able to post for Remembrance Day. […]

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The Remembrance Day Service in the United Kingdom will be held on November 12 this year. In continuing to support ex-Service Personnel now Homeless, Gallybloggers are honoured to host their work: from those who have returned from active service overseas to the UK only to be disregarded and made to suffer by a failed government system that leaves numbers further traumatised and subject to conditions of poverty as a result of wilful […]

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~ Crutch ~ By ~ Kingston ~ ~ If you piss on me I’ll piss on you I’ll knock you down, I’ll tare you in two, I’ll rip-up the money you hand to me When you’re begging out loud for my pity. ~ Pretty shitty City with no sense of ease, Or pity or compassion or grace or peace […]

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Psilocybin Street

~ Psilocybin Street ~ By ~ Bwbach ~ ~ Days blaze fades away alone again in the gloom Gently stirring into my brew a bag of mushrooms. Liberties spawn to keep me warm in autumn’s storms When sleet and hail flails her tail, flashes her underwear, When darkness prevails from dawn til dusk, lulls me into […]

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